Havalon Introduces New Piranta-Torch Knife

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Havalon knives have become popular with hunters, trappers, and fishermen. The cutting ability of the knives is amazing for skinning, and the weight of the knife, around 2.1 ounces makes it super convenient to store in any pack. The new Piranta-Torch knife being introduced has a 20% thicker blade, making it a stronger blade. Also there is no need to sharpen the knife when it becomes dull, the blade can simply be replaced. With replaceable blades, the Piranta-Torch knife is the only knife a sportsmen needs in the field.

The Piranta-Torch features the newly-designed #60A blade which is 20% thicker and stronger than the standard #60XT blade while still delivering the famous Havalon "crazy-sharp" surgical edge. The #60A blade also features an "easy-off" safety tab to make removing blades from the handle easier while keeping fingers away from the cutting edge. "We expect customers to be excited about the thicker blades, and also to learn that the Torch accepts three sizes of blades: #60A, #60XT and #22XT" says Paul Schwartz, division sales manager. From MarketWatch.com.