Harsh Winter Impacting Montana Wildlife

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The Great Falls Tribune is running a detailed write up on how this winter is impacting the state's wildlife and it doesn't look good.

With harsh winter conditions potentially continuing for weeks longer, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologists are predicting substantial impacts to white-tailed deer, mule deer and antelope populations, which in some areas had reached near-record numbers in recent years. In fact, many of these animals are starving already after more than two months of heavy snows and especially harsh winter weather.

Unfortunately as the winter wears on, we'll probably be reading more of these headlines from other states as well.


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More and more reports coming

More and more reports coming in of winter kill game animals. It takes us several good years to get the herds built back up and the we lose so much in one bad winter.

Hopefully things get better as we are at 50 today over here.

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Wow. thats not good news at

Wow. thats not good news at all, Montana could always trap and ship those animals out my way. We have had an extremely mild winter this year. it started out pretty bad but since early DEC its been very warm and not much snow in the mountains. I think our herds will do very well this year as there has been plenty of greens to eat, in some areas fresh plants have started to come up already as its been in the upper 50's and 60's for the past month and a half. I'm sure we will have 1 more cold snap but they are short lived around here. hopefully the animals in montana will pull through.