Hanging Buck Stolen

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Timothy Forrett is not a happy hunter. Forrett had harvested an 8 point buck during Vermont's muzzleloader season. It was the largest buck Forrett had ever bagged, as well as the largest weighed in at his weigh station during muzzleloader season at 177 lbs.

Now all Forrett has left of that buck, is the rope that it was hanging from on a tree in his front yard. Forrett had hung it in his yard, along a well traveled road. He says it was too large for the garage, but also he wanted to show it off a little bit. With that, he now only has pictures.

Around 5 pm someone backed up a pick-up truck into Forrett's yard, cut the rope, and drove off with a trophy buck. Vermont state police are treating it as a theft, as it is Forrett's property. They haven't set the severity of the charges, as it is hard to place a monetary value on the buck. Forrett is offering a $1000 reward for the return of his buck. From WCAX.com.


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As a Vermonter, and a hunter, I feel for Tim's loss.  I do not think hanging a trophy Deer in the front yard is taunting, or baiting, any more than parking a new car in the driveway is baiting a car thief.   In Vermont, a live deer is the property of the State of Vt, Once harvested legally, and tagged, it is the possession of the person who tagged it.  The A-holes who took this deer are thieves.  The value on this deer should be placed in the thousands, not hundreds of dollars.  That is a Felony!

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  No Meat - No Antlers...


No Meat - No Antlers... Just pictures... that stinks!  Maybe get a bigger garage before next year?!?!

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Man, this is bad enough, then

Man, this is bad enough, then I see it actually happened in Vermont.  you would never have seen that happen 20 years ago, but then it started happening on occasion.  You would hear of one every couple of years.  Sad to say, but he was sort of inviting it, or as the police officer said, "Baiting".

My guess is they will never find the meat, probably already cut and packaged.  Maybe someone will ditch the head, and someone will return it to the guy, but it'll probably be on someone's hunting camp wall, or tossed off a back woods road somewhere.