Guide to Avoid Bear Attacks Offered by Bear-Hunting.Org

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After several recent bear attack reports, Bear-Hunting.Org has decided to publish a guide on avoiding bear attacks. Noah Riddle of Bear-Hunting.Org had this to say: “We hope this guide will help educate people prevent bear attacks and if in the situation of a bear attack be able to defend themselves.

They say most bear attacks are by sows defending their cubs. Here are some tips from their guide that will be available in mid-August on their website.

1.    If you're going to be in an area or situation where you have the possibility of coming across a bear you should make sure you carry a can of bear pepper spray. Keep this readily available since an attack will be sudden and sometimes without notice..

2.    Do not make eye contact with a bear; this is considering threatening to them. Also to appear less threatening bend at the knees to appear smaller and turn sideways.

3.    If a bear a bear happens to attack you it's vital that you protect your chest and abdominal area. You can do this by falling on the ground and assuming the fetal position. Use your hands to protect the back of your neck and try to stay still until the bear leaves



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In the past I would not have

In the past I would not have really looked at something like this very much as not being needed. But now with all the recent rash of bear attacks across the country it xould be much needed information for many people. Everything is pretty basic and we have heard much of it before but there is some good information here. The part about not making eye contact and then making yuorself look smaller could make all the difference. Prey animals like deer will almost always run if direct eye contact is made as they know what it means, but a possible predator like a bear can take it more as a challenge.

I have always questioned if I would be able to just lay there in the fetal position while being attacked ot try every means possible to fight back. I'm usually armed in multiple ways so I'm sure I would fight to the end but without those means I guess the advice would be helpful to other people.