Group Plans to Sue U.S. Over Gray Wolf Range

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Apparently for some the gray wolf's range in the lower 48 states needs to be dramatically expanded. According to USA Today, the Center for Biological Diversity intends to sue the Interior Department for failing to develop a comprehensive wolf recovery plan for the entire lower 48 states as required by the Endangered Species Act.

Leaving no potential habitat unturned the group believes:

A national plan would provide a roadmap for recovering existing wolf populations and returning wolves to some of their historic range around the country; suitable wolf habitat exists in the Pacific Northwest, California, Great Basin, southern Rocky Mountains, Great Plains and New England.


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Establishing wolf packs in

Establishing wolf packs in most of the locations stated would be a big mistake. Vermonster is spot on with his statement that these groups are guilty of getting tunnel vision and applying a very narrow minded full speed ahead approach that is not the best bet in any form of wildlife management.

"Because of questions about the validity of these subspecies, protection of the wolf was consolidated to include all wolves in the lower 48 states in 1978. But despite this consolidation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service never developed a national recovery plan for the wolf. Instead, it finalized plans for three of four of the previously protected subspecies."

That is where the judges are going to have to see through this law suit. Of course the US Fish and WIldlife Service developed a national recovery plan for the wolf. It just didn't include reintroducing them to all parts of this country where wolf/human coexistance is absolutely not going to work. That's why they're upset.

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Well, as long as they want to

Well, as long as they want to have a full fledged open season on them in all 48 states, then I say go for it.... Wink

The problem is, they do not seem to be looking at the negative impact of an exploding wolf population.  They need to look at the elk herds in Yellowstone, and look at the deer and elk populations in other states that have big wolf numbers, and see what has happened.

That's not even mentioning the impact it will have on farmers and ranchers.

These groups seem to have a very simple view, only using severe tunnel vision when dealing with these issues.

Any hunter can tell you about what proper balance means in nature.  Maybe they should place a few hunters on their boards... lol

there will be a lot of SSS

there will be a lot of SSS here in texas if they bring wolves back in.

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These fools going to sue to

These fools going to sue to reintroduce their native prey species also? What are these morons thinking? Are they out to destroy the whole country's ungulate populations? If they want to worship a wolf they should go to Ted Turners ranch where wolves are protected. Maybe if they are lucky they can see a pack of wolves eat an elk or two.

The wolves are destroying our ungulate herds!

Here in Washington State, the grey wolves are beginning to take hold. Likely migrated this way in search of new territory to raise havoc in. It won't be long now before the ungulate herds are dessimated here too. The Idaho moose, elk herds have been destroyed. Deer populations way down too. Wolves will find their way into other ecosystems and destroy our wildlife there also. No more healthy elk, deer, and moose herds remain in Idaho. What States are to follow this poor line of reasoning, or have it shoved down their throats next? Lets get this legislation stopped once and for all before it is to late. Remember, it is the hunters, license fees and wildlife non-profits who have cared for all our wildlife species, not the wolf lunatics. Hey, maybe the wolves can be let loose in our cattle yards for say 10 years, or on those private ranches who protect wolves and see what the results are. Not a good thing bub! The wolves are the largest poachers of Idaho wildlife.   

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Right on track

You guys are right on track. I respect the wolf as a species. I wouldn’t want them to be entirely eradicated and extinct, but at the same time there is simply no hope of reintroducing them in the majority of the lower forty eight. The prey doesn’t exists to maintain a wolf population unless you count domestic cats and livestock among the prey population. Any appreciable number of wolves in a suburban setting would cause nothing but trouble, even where a healthy deer population exists.