Grizzly Chasing Tourists Fined

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File this one in the not-so-bright-news category. If you have spent any length of time in the outdoors... scratch that... if you have a pulse and are over the age of three you know that chasing bears is a bad idea. Chasing a sow with cubs is plain dumb, and chasing a grizzly sow with cubs is just a hair short of bear assisted suicide. However given a large enough population, one can always rely on statistics to produce a few souls that have missed this message.

According to the Vancouver Sun a group of German tourists near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan were fined $750 for chasing and disturbing an endangered species.

[a woman saw] ... the group chasing the bears while waving their arms, shouting and whistling at them.

The Germans were so excited about the sighting all they thought of was getting a photo, said defence lawyer Brian Pfefferle.


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what an idiot

Fined?  Heck lets encouarge them to keep it up.  It shouldn't be a problem for long. 

Sooner or later they'll get teh wrong bear.  And then we should remember that is not the bear's fault!


This is a Darwin award runner up for sure.

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I guess Darwin was right,

I guess Darwin was right, after all!

It is a wonder that certain segments of society have managed now only to survive but to flourish!

I am not making fun of Germans, either... heck, I am from the south where a trip to the emergency room (and at times, the morgue) is often proceeded by a hearty - and often alcohol fueled - "Hey ya'll, watch this!".

Here I am living in fear of the day I get to go hunt out to the majestic west to hunt and worrying that one of these fanged and clawed beasts will attack me...

Then you have morons that are chasing them up and down the river!

A fine may not be enough - this is just the epitome of stupid.

Here is the other side to this - let's say they did chase after the bear (which they did) and finally, Mama bear has enough and turns around and fairly well consumes one of the tourists...

Here will come dozens of kin folks wanting to sue the province for not "protecting them" from the bears.

If I had to guess, there are plenty of signs warning about bear and human encounters and even if there are not - National Geographic has been on for 30+ years.

Surely they have watched TV before!!

Aaaaahh, you have to love the interaction between man and wildlife!

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Well they make good beer but

Well they make good beer but they obviously are not very good bear food because there must have really been something that kept that bear from killing them. They have to be about as lucky as they come. Tourists in wild areas from other countries always scare me. It was really neat being able to do interpretation with people from other countries this summer that had never seen an elk or deer before but sometimes the excitement gets the best of people. I have said it before and I will say it again, if you want to see humans lose all common sense and revert to the intelligence level of a toddler just drive through the gates of a U.S. National Park that has a good variety of mega fauna. You better be on your toes though and be a good defensive driver. It is scary what people will do and think that they can do in our parks. And when you let them know that approaching a bighorn ram or climbing a waterfall with no gear and only sneakers and sweat pants is not a good idea, you better be ready for a mouth full.

Well I guess I am glad that they didn't get killed but I would say our gene pool just might have become a little stronger if they had.

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Heck, it isn't just tourists

Heck, it isn't just tourists from other countries, our own tourists are just as bad.  You take people whose entire understanding and knowledge comes from watching disney movies and put them in close proximity to wild animals and you have a recipe for disaster.

Just search YouTube and you'll see even people who should know better getting beat up, bitten or killed by wild animals.  People just forget that animals, no matter how cute they look are not human and have no morals, but are driven by instinct and that instinct sometimes means eating you.

The woman who had the chimpanzee that ate her friend's face off is a good example.  We might want to think we can bond with wild animals, but it just insistent true.  Some animals can never be domesticated.

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But hey, that Grizzly guy

But hey, that Grizzly guy lived with them for years, right?  They must be just like pets.  Ha!  Let those tourists get too close.  That would teach them to not do so again....

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According to the article the

According to the article the grizzly is considered an endangered species there....I didn't realize this. 

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The title does grab your

The title does grab your attention at first! 

I would ask what these knuckleheads were thinking but we all know the answer to that.

I'm amazed that they were able to chase that sow away since she had two cubs with her.

My guess is that the lady that watched this go down, and eventually turned them in, was probably (and hopefully) video taping the whole thing.  I'll have to keep an eye out for that one on Youtube!

Forest was right...stupid is as stupid does! lol

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The way the headline was

The way the headline was written I thought it was the grizzly that got the fine for chasing tourist.  I just don't know what people think or if they think at all.  How can anyone think it is a good idea to chase a grizzly bear?  People like that give tourist a bad least they weren't eaten.

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I thought the same thing when

I thought the same thing when I read the headline...How are they going to fine a grizzly bear...are they going to follow the bear around until the bear makes a moose kill, then take the moose from the bear as a fine...hahaha...I know, stupid right..
They're lucky they didn't end up as bear scat...What are people thinking these days or are they? Apparantly, they don't have a clue as to how dangerous a stunt that was.

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actually your moose fine idea

actually your moose fine idea is pretty funny.

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It was the only way I could

It was the only way I could think of where you could fine a grizzly bear.
I sure wouldn't want to be the one to have to impose the fine, though.

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I put my dog into time out

I put my dog into time out the other day for being naughty, but that approach might be hard for a grizzly