Grizzly Bears Do Not Like Helicopters

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The Alliance for the Wild Rockies, is taking Montana state and federal officials to court over the use of helicopters to move bison in Yellowstone National Park. They claim that the use of helicopters harasses the grizzly bears in the area. They have video of a grizzly running in terror from one of the low flying copters.

The Montana Department of Livestock are responsible for the hazing of the bison. They try to keep the bison out of the forest where cattle graze, to keep the cattle free of brucellosis. The Department usually work on horseback to move the bison, but there are some areas they can not get through privately owned property, which makes it necessary to use helicopters.

Wednesday's suit accuses the Forest Service of violating the National Forest Management Act and National Environmental Policy Act by harming and harassing grizzlies in the Yellowstone Grizzly Recovery Zone. From The Rapid City Journal.


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well, why don't they just get

well, why don't they just get out there and cuddle them grizzlies until they feel better. i think all they need is some snuggles.

but seriously, when are these people going to learn that you can't treat grizzlies like people. animals are not people.

i understand that some people project human emotions onto animals and thus empathize with them. people that do this are usually elderly women with 20 cats.

we need to leave research and managment of our wildlife resources to professionals... not bleeding heart elderly women with 20 cats.

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I want the all the Alliance

I want the all the Alliance for Wilderness members and their lawyers to go soothe the grizzlies after the traumatic experience of being inadvertantly hazed by the helicopters.  After a couple trips out, this lawsuit and a few others will no longer be an issue, and the grizzlies that the Alliance cares so much about would be temporarily well-fed! ;)

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I would imagine that it is

I would imagine that it is not only the grizzlies that don't like the helicopters but they all learn to live with it. Normal behavior would say that they should run from anything they don't understand or appears threatening to them. As long as they are not being actively pursued and chased on purpose for fun but only happen to be in the same area and flee rfom the noise then I don't see a problem with whats going on here. This is just another case of the crazies finding something else to spend our money on fighting and tie up the courts with senseless wildlife issues.

It is funny because this

It is funny because this alliance has a couple other cases as well going on.- and the thing here is that all the copter does is scare them- they go running off in terror and may not get used to it, but isn't that helpful for the bear? Fight or flight...

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crazy tree huggers

These crazy tree huggers sue for just about anything! Good grief, maybe these tree huggers should take themselves and the grizzlies to a good psychiatrist! 

What a waste of taxpayers time and money!