Grizzly Bear Likes Beef

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A grizzly bear's fondness for beef ended up being his demise. The grizzly had been moved after previous cattle attacks, has now been killed. In 2007 the bear was picked up after cattle kills near Cody, Wyoming. The bear had been fitted with a microchip and moved to Dubois, Wyoming.

The 400 lb grizzly was caught killing cattle again near Red Lodge. The bear had made its way through Yellowstone up to Montana and was feeding on ranchers' cattle near Red Lodge. The bear was euthanized since this was the second time in four years that he was caught attacking cattle. Officials did not think there was a place they could move him that would not endanger other livestock. From


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Well after being given a

Well after being given a chance the first time it's good to see they took care of the problem quickly. It's a shame he had to go but the chances of bigger problems are just too great. I didn't realize they chipped bears like this. I wonder if they do it to all priblem bears that they trap to keep track of them.

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It was nice that this bear

It was nice that this bear was givin one chance but we can not keep spending money on moving animals when it seems this bear will go the distance for some beef.

I think they made the right dicision on putting this bear down. It is kind of sad that a bear is killed just because he is trying to do what bears do.

I guess that is why we are at the top of the food chain.

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Glad to see Montana did the

Glad to see Montana did the correct thing. Bear was given a chance by being moved. I don't blame the bear as we all like an easy meal of beef but the ranchers cannot afford loses like this. Just more fuel for the fire of let the states manage wildlife which includes limited hunting of wolves and grizzlies to keep them in check.  

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I like beef too!  i better

I like beef too!  i better not tell the game and fish in Montana or wyoming. lol   I is sad that the grizzly had to be put down, but its better before a person got hurt. I am glad that they did chip the bear and caught up to him before they had more reports. 

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The bear was last heard

The bear was last heard saying "Hey, I thought this was an all you can eat buffett!!!" lol

Too bad the grizzly bear didn't get the hint the first time, but unfortuantely, once they get a taste for something, especially if it comes easier to them, they are hard to turn back.  I guess they had no other choice, because if it was killing cattle, that means it was in close proximity to humans.

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Yep I would say he had good

Yep I would say he had good feeling from the taste of beef, but hey done we all.  we all like a nioce beef steak don't we and we are all hunters so it kinda makes sense, but you can't have him killing livestock, too bad he had to be put down but it was most likely the best for him and others.