Grizzly Bear Killed in Banff

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A five year old grizzly female was able to get past barriers, built to try and save her. A wildlife fence was being built, and almost completed, in hopes to keep bears from getting on the Trans Canadian highway. The fence is supposed to be finished this fall, but workers are trying to get it done as soon as possible.

The female somehow managed to make it onto the road. Officers were trying to guide the bear back to the other side of the fence, when the bear was struck Monday night. The car that struck her was traveling at low speeds, and the passengers of the car were upset by the incident. The carcass was found on Wednesday afternoon. This death leaves the breeding female grizzlies at 4 in the Bow Valley area of the park, with more in the backcountry. There is an estimated 60 grizzly bears left in the park. From The Toronto Sun.


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with Hunter25

I'm with Hunter25 on this one.... why didn't they stop traffic until they had the bear where they wanted her?  That was the first thing that came to my mind.  I am saddened by the death of a magnificent animal, but something just doesn't make a lot of sense here.

Tall fences do make a difference.  Here in Washington we have several areas along the freeways that have high fences for the elk.  You seldom if ever see a dead elk on the highway.  The fences are saving the lives of both animals and people.  I think the fences are about 8 or 9 feet high and run for miles along the freeway in heavy elk populated areas.  To my knowledge, there are no such fences for deer.  These elk fences would definitely keep the deer away as well because there aren't many deer that can jump that high.

Fences like this are costly, but cheap when compared to the lives of people.  I just wish they had finished the fence before the grizzly sow was killed.  I do have one small question..... what do they consider a low speed?  Did that sow dart out in front of a car traveling at 25 miles per hour?  Would a car traveling at that speed kill a large animal of that size?  Why was the car going slowly?  Did they know what was going on?  If so, wouldn't you think they would have been ready for the unexpected?  Something doesn't seem right on this one.

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Anyone else see a problem

Anyone else see a problem with the photo?  People are stupid.  It's kinda like she was in a zoo, walking along, 20 feet away taking photos?

I understand they probably constructed that fence to deal with wandering grizzly bears, and to keep vehicle collisions to a minimum, but that's still kinda stupid. 

Anyway, always sad to see wildlife meet an "unnatural" death, but it is what it is.  It happens.  Glad that the car that hit her wasn't going too fast, and it appears that nobody was injured.

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Always sad to see an animals

Always sad to see an animals that are taken from us in that way especially when we are trying to help them.  Hopefully they will get the barrier built soon to not let this happen again.

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It's too bad for the bear

It's too bad for the bear that this one turned out the way it did. They were actually trying to help the bear to survive and in a way actually ended up causing it's death. I would think that since they were trying to drive the bear back around the fence that they would have taken more precautions to either stop traffic till it was over or at least given a warning of some kind to make people aware.

Fences like the one they are building can be a very effective barrier for wildlife once they are finished. They built one here for several miles to keep the elk off the highway and it has worked very well and saved many elk in just a couple of years not to mention the destroyed vehicles and injured people from hitting them.