Great Vermont Buck

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Pete Porter first spotted the large buck last year during rifle season on one of his trail cams. Porter is a bowhunter and he used to shoot right-handed, but being unable to turn his head he had to rehabilitate himself to shoot a bow left-handed. Porter had been in an accident, hurting his back, and making it impossible to turn his head to the left.

The deer that he continued seeing on his trail cams gave him that extra push to stick to his physical therapy and lift weights to be able to use a bow again. He monitored the buck for 10 months, seeing it throughout the winter, and was able to find both of the buck's sheds. He knew that the buck was a large one.

He continued monitoring the buck through the summer, and by October 1st the beginning of archery season, he knew where the buck day bedded. He set up his tree stand accordingly. The first two days he was there from dusk til dawn with nothing, so he moved the tree stand in closer to the bedding area. The third day he saw the buck, still too far out so he moved it again.

Porter went in the next day, October 5th. A doe came in after him, followed later by the buck. Porter had a clear shot, and he took it. The buck dropped. Porter being up in the stand had to wait awhile for the excitement to chill down so he could safely come down and check the buck.

The buck, even with a magnificent set of antlers, was not in good shape. He had damage to his side, as if in a recent collision with an automobile and weighed in at 128 lbs. which is disproportionate to the antlers and body size.

The buck has a typical 8-point frame with a split brow tine on its right side. It has an inside spread of about 18 inches, and its main beams are more than 24 and 23 inches long. The longest tines, the G2s, are each about 12 inches long. The 9-point buck with tall, wide antlers that had a gross "green score" of more than 150 inches using the Boone & Crockett scoring system.

Porter says now it is only a potential state record, but it is a great Vermont buck and he is happy with it. Congratulations Porter! From

Photo added 10/26/11. Thank you Ca_Vermonster!


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thats a really nice deer.  i

thats a really nice deer.  i have not seen any deer like that when i have been up there on vaction seeing family.  i love reading about people getting nice deer. 

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Another dandy buck to make me

Another dandy buck to make me jealous this year. I'm waiting for th eopener tomorrow morning in Texas but so far have seen nothing to even come close to that guy. We have been here for 3 days checking thigs out but it seems the drought may have caused more probelms than I had hoped. We have not even seen a hog and in most cases the winter wheat has not started up yet due to lack of water. We have seen one shooter buck so far and one bobcat that was a lot faster than I was in getting on him. Tomorrow will tell when we are out for real but getting a little depressed at this point. 

VErmonster, I hope you find one just like him when you get over there next week. You deserve it man as you've been waiting a long time and really deserve it. Good luck with your hunt and time with your dad.

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Thanks!  I would love one

Thanks!  I would love one like that, no doubt, but I will take anything that is legal. And, spending a coupld of days with my Dad is good enough for me, everything else is just bonus!

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That's a great buck! Thanks for posting

That's a great buck! Thanks for posting  the story and the picture! 

Congratulations to Mr. Porter. The fact that he recovered both sheds is proof enough that he spent a considerable amount of time patterning this deer.   His dedication sure paid off.  It is important to set goals  when you are working through physical therapy or any sort of exercise program and wow – this buck would be a worthy goal for any hunter! 

I suspect the article has a typo as it says that he hunted “dusk til dawn”.  I am pretty sure that what they meant was ‘dawn until dusk’!  Otherwise he’s hunting only at night!

While it is indeed light for a big buck, a hundred twenty eight pounds is still a mid-sized deer around my area.  Whether that deer is one for the record books or not,  Mr. Porter is right that it is a great Vermont buck and he should be very happy with it – especially since he was stalking and hunting that particular deer for a long time.  That is no easy task and the success is one to be proud of. 

Thanks for adding the photo CA-Vermonster!  It is amazing how much a few pictures can add to a good hunting story or even an informative article.  You can really appreciate the enormity of this buck’s antlers when you see the picture.  The measurements in the text just don’t show off a rack like a good photograph no matter how well written the article is! 

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You are a miracle worker

You are a miracle worker Sean, Thanks for finding and posting a picture for the story. That is one heck of a buck. Congrats to Peter on the fine animal.

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  Vermonster you are da


Vermonster you are da man!!!  I looked hard and long on the internet and could not find anything on this deer!  Koodos to you for finding it!  I guess I didn't stick with it long enough or you have insider information.  Nice looking buck and hope he ends up with the record... at least until next year as it seems they are besting it each year! 



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:lol:  Well, it helps that I

:lol:  Well, it helps that I am also a member on a board that is specific to the northeast, basically New england.  Lots of Vermonters on there, and this story was posted the day he shot it, I think.  Took a couple days for a photo to surface, but it was no secret in the local circles up there.

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Sounds like a great buck.

Sounds like a great buck. Congrats to Mr. Porter. Seeing this buck and not being able to hunt him for 10 months would be a very hard thing to do. Going through rehab after his accident to get back into hunting shape. The buck would have been great motivation. I think it would be hard to relearn to shoot a bow left handed. I have taught myself to do most thing with my left hand but shooting is a seperated issue. Not because of the shooting but because of my eye dominance. I'm right handed and right handed dominant and my eyes are the same way, I had laser surgery a few years ago and have 20/15 vision in both eyes but my right eye sees things a bit clearer. I couldn't imagine having to aim with my left. I would love to see some photos of the deer But like Retired I can't find any anywhere. Hopefully that issue can get resolved. Again Congrats to Peter on the great buck and great story.

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No Picture!!!


No Picture!!!  I looked at the link to the original news article but nothing there as well.  Internet search has nothing I could find either.  I wish there was a picture!!!

These are the kinds of stories I enjoy reading.  This was a mission that Pete Porter took on and at the same time focused his rehabilitation to become able to hunt yet another season.  Going from a right handed bow shooter to a left handed bow shooter has got to be a very difficult thing to do.  I just tried to pull my coumpound bow and it was not easy.  I would think after building the muscle needed to easily pull the bow to a draw the training of your eye sight for shooting accuracy would be very difficult.  Wow.

The emotional scene of it also is heart warming.  The article explains he has harvested trophy animals in the past but this one deer held the greatest focus and desire.  The adrenaline going through his body and him not able to stand up within his stand just shows how emotional this was for him. 

My hat's off to Pete Porter here.  Congrats on not only a great buck harvested but also the fortitude and focus on rehabilitating yourself.  You have a great achievement.  Now don't stop the rehab and find the next focus. 


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No photo

We found it odd that a photo was not included. We searched the web for a photo and could not find one anywhere. So if anyone finds one (or has one!), let us know and we'll add it. 

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Well, as a native Vermonter,

Well, as a native Vermonter, and one that is going to break this record in 2 weeks time lol I will show you the photo so you can add it.  Courtesy of the Vermont Big Game Trophy Club website.

It's one heck of a deer.  AR's might produce some good deer like that, but I still will not give in to them because of what they take away from the people on the other end of the spectrum.  At any rate, that is a beautiful buck!  I heard about it a couple of weeks ago and saw the photo then.  It actually looks bigger than the 128lbs it states.

I can only hope for one that is even a legal buck, let alone one like that.  Truly a magnificent animal, congrats to the hunter!!!!!!