Great Reason to Head to Kauai

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Starting July 23rd, the state of Hawaii will allow hunters with muzzleloaders or archery, to hunt feral goats on Kauai. This will be allowed on weekends and state holidays through October 30th. Hunters that want to participate need to have a hunting license and sign an animal control permit. Each hunter will be allowed to take home two goats per day, but the goats must be deboned in the field. Goats are an invasive species, and this hunt is a management control measure for the state. From


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Another report from Hawaii.

Another report from Hawaii. I'm very interested on going on a hunt over there and have been asking a lot of questions lately from those who have done it. There is far more opportunity than I had ever imagined. All the hunts I have looked at have been with the use of a rifle but I wouldn't mind chasing them with a muzzleloader either. I hacen't been able to get back into archery as I had planned so that part will have to wait. The other stories I have read the hunting was quite difficult so I wonder if the population is that much worse here? Being allowed to take two a day is a pretty nice limit and you wouldn't think they would allow it unless they had an awful lot of them. My wife said she was willing to let me go if we went over there on a vacation for a few days I just have to save up and make the long term plan for when. Seems like time is almost as short as money sometimes.

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Wow I have looking for

Wow I have looking for another reason to got to Hawaii other than visiting Pewral Harbor, now I got one.  Might just have to let the wife talk me into a vacation over there....I wonder if she will catch on to my plan as I am taking my bow on the plane.

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wow that sounds like fun. 

wow that sounds like fun.  Its kind of funny though, my mom and step dad just got back from there and they said it was over run with goats and hogs.  even Chickens!!!  I will have to let them know about this report..