Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia Fall Deer Hunt Cancelled

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The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge will not have their fall 2011 deer hunt this year. A fire is still burning, and has already burned over 6,000 acres. Hurricane Irene helped suppress the fire, but did not completely extinguish it. The fire is now 90% contained but there are still areas with hot spots that fire crews are handling.

If any hunters already turned in applications for this hunt, they can receive a refund.

“It is with great regret, but we just can’t provide the quality hunt program that hunters deserve while our staff have been and are still involved in the firefighting efforts,” refuge manager Chris Lowie wrote in a news release. From


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That just sucks that things

That just sucks that things like this happen. Not only that the hunting season is ruined but all the habitat and animals that are affected. Even if they did let people hunt I can not imagine that it would even be worth going out. All the animals had to be pushed out of this area.

Hopefully they get all the fire and hot spots contained and the land recovers fast and everything gets back to normal.

Could not imagine how it would feel to lose a hunting season if not more. Good luck on getting everything back to normal.

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Like the others have said

Like the others have said it's too bad things like this happen when they do but at least the long term results should outwiegh the negative ones right now. Fortunately it's not like some of the other states where so many homes have been lost to the fires as well. It sounds like only the application process was underway so hopefully guys were able to change thier plans as they may not have finalized for this hunt yet.

Good luck with your hunts wherever you end up this year.

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That sucks for this year, but in a couple more years that place should be great

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Very sorry to hear that. 

Very sorry to hear that.  While fire is actually beneficial in the long run for the ecosystem and the wildlife, it messes alot of things up in the short term.

Sorry for the people in Virginia who had permits for this hunt.  It looks like they will get their money back, but you have to think of how many special plans had already been made to go there.  But, we're all at mature's mercy.....

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Wow I think that is the scond

Wow I think that is the scond or thrid hunt I have heard of being cancelled due to forest fires.  Feel bad for the hunters that wait all year for the season to start and then weeks before all seasons get started you get told you cannot go hunting in the area you planned.