Gray Wolf Put Down in Yellowstone

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A gray wolf that had lost its fear of humans and was repeatedly visiting developed areas in the park, has been put down. The gray wolf had approached visitors several times and liked to remain in the more developed areas of the park. Hazing attempts to scare off the wolf were unsuccessful. Due to the history of fearless behavior, Park Officials had to make the decision, and with the best interest of visitors and rangers in mind they decided to put the wolf down.

Park officials have tried to move animals in the park before, but these attempts usually are unsuccessful as the animal will go back to developed areas again. This wolf was believed to be between 2 and 4 years old and from Mollie's pack. From Yellowstone Insider.


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I agree with everyone in that

I agree with everyone in that it's truly sad this one had to be put down like this. even with all the wolf controversy and the problems thay can cause they are still a beautiful animal. But as always safety must come first and with all the attacks we have had this year there is no point in taking any chances. I would bet they are also being a little more quick with the decisions they make after the bear that was let live then possibly became responsible for killing again. You just can't be too careful when it comes to these things.

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Well, along with what

Well, along with what everyone else said, it surely is sad to see this happen to any animal, just for that reason.  However, it is necessary to protect the people who are visiting Yellowstone. 

The unfortunate thing is why that wolf was hanging around the developed areas , which inadvertantly led to it's demise.  More than likely, it was relying on the area for it's food.  Whether or not it was intentionally being fed by humans, it was just living off of scraps out of the trash, or maybe feasting on cattle or something, it was probably something to do with humans.  It's funny though, because you always hear about keeping your food secure from bears, ut you never expect a wolf to be lurking around.

Don't know if he was driven out of his pack, and had to fend for himself for whatever reason, but a sad situation.

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It's tough anytime an animal

It's tough anytime an animal get put down. However if the wild animal lost it's fear of humans then it's something that needed to be done for sure. I'm glad to hear officails made the right call in destroying this animal. To bad the hazing efforts didn't work. I'd rather the wolf be put down than hurt somebody or even a child. If it hadn't been put down it probably would have died anyways or gotting into some other kind of trouble.

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Sounds like the officials did

Sounds like the officials did the right thing and tried to get the wolf to leave but it would not. I hate to see critters killed for no reason but in this case they had reason and better to side on the side of safety than take a chance somebody gets hurt or killed. The death of this one wolf will not impact the wolves in Yellowstone that is for sure. Agree with you Retired2 hunt on the hunting wolves to manage them. Glad when I saw the story last week about Wyoming working its plan for a hunt. Would love to get up into Idaho and get a wolf or two. Wife and I have talked about it and starting to look into doing it in the next 2 years or so.  

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  The Mollies pack of wolves


The Mollies pack of wolves goes back many years.  Doing an internet search provides an abundance of stories on how these wolves fought off two other wolf packs within Yellowstone.  One search provided details on how this specific pack of wolves primary hunts were on buffalo. 

It is too bad that this animal had to be put down... but allowing it to get too close to human interaction would only lead to disaster - so the right thing was done.  I'm certain the ranchers that surround Yellowstone are glad there is one less wolf. 

While wolves play a role in a very fragile ecosystem they too need to be managed in order to remain within the park.  Failing to do so would only hurt all other animals that are important to the ecosystem.

In my opinion the wolves need to continue to be managed and controlled hunts are an important means to keep them in check.



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Hate to always see any

Hate to always see any animals have to get put down for that reason.  But it as to be done in order to proctect everyone from being harmed or killed.  Whether its a wolf, bear or even maybe a deer it has to be done...just hate to see it happen.

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It is very unfortunate that

It is very unfortunate that things like this have tobe done. Sometimes it must be though. You do not want to take the chance of this wolf trying to get to close to a human and the human being hurt or even worse killed.

This would probably go for any animal that loses its fear of humans and starts to get a little to close for comfort.