Grandma Bags Her First Caribou

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In 1974 Joyce Snow started her hunting adventure when she was first invited to join her husband and his two brothers on a whitetail hunt. She grew up with a father who hunted, and enjoyed the exhilaration of hunting in Minnesota. In 2005, Snow and her husband moved to Clam Gulch, Alaska. Snow has dreamed of getting a moose, but so far has been unsuccessful. She and her husband tried another avenue - caribou.

This August they tried for the Forty Mile herd that lives north of Fairbanks. “It was quite a bit different than hunting in the woods of Minnesota. Having those wide-open spaces for a half mile was amazing,” she said. “Looking across to the next peak illuminated by the morning sun with half-hidden fluffy cumulus clouds behind it, we realized that we were indeed at the ‘Top of the World.’”

Snow and her husband spotted a duo of caribou on the peak over, but were unable to determine the sex. They tried to get closer to the caribou, but the caribou stayed at least 500 feet from them. Caribou male and female both have antlers, and it is very important to determine the sex when hunting so as to get the correct sex. That evening they saw more caribou, and realized they were at a good location. The next morning when starting out Snow and her husband decided to go to the top of a peak and let the caribou come to them.

They first saw a pair of caribou at about half a mile. Snow and her husband disagreed on the antlers, Snow believed one was a male and her husband wasn't sure. The caribou came closer, and at about 250 yards Snow's husband gave her the go ahead. She aimed her 30.06 Remington rifle and shot.

The buck stopped dead in his tracks. Snow and her husband quartered the caribou, hauling it out on the winter sled their grandchildren play on in the snow. They had such a good time they plan on making it an annual adventure.

I still want to get a moose one of these days,” she said. “So I guess I’ll keep hunting for as long as I physically can.” From The Homer Tribune.


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I just got back from my elk

I just got back from my elk hunt and I'm already jealous and ready for more. I have always dreamed of going on a caribou hunt and reading this just fuels the fire even more. My son lists them as his number one dfream hunt so maybe it's time to start up saving plan to make it a reality.

Congratulations to this grandma for making her own dreams come true and now inspiring others to work for the samed goal.

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yeah, this is one hardcore

yeah, this is one hardcore grandma! it's nice to see that some elderly people havn't lost their flare for living yet. i'd bet she was super excited to get that bull too. 

i admire their persistance. it's hard to kill a moose unless you know what you're doing and are prepared to deal with it afterwards. they must really have some patience as well.

this was a fun story to read, i'm glad you guys ran accross it.

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Very cool!  It gives us good

Very cool!  It gives us good pleasure to see that, and gives us some hope that we can still hunt well into our golden years!  I actually remember going out with my grandmother one year about 15 years ago when she had a doe permit.  We didn't see anything, but it was a really fun time trying to get her her first big game animal.

Always wanted to hunt caribou, and hopefully will be able to some day!

Congrats to the Grandma!!!

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Congratulations to Joyce

Now that is a heck of a woman, she sounds just like my wife! God bless her for getting out and doing a fine job bagging her first caribou. She is one up on me so a big congratulations to Joyce.  I sure hope she fills her dream and get her moose soon. Her smile is worth a million bucks.

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All Right Grandma!!!


All right Grandma!!!  That is an excellent story and a great picture too!  I can only hope I can eventually get my wife to go on a big gam hunt like that with me.  And at 250 yards for a shot - awesome!  You have to click the link to the full article as it has much more information on her start in hunting along with family information.  Great article!  I like reading these.



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That bis a great story and it

That bis a great story and it is very cool to hear about more and more people of all kinds getting out into the woods and water and enjoying the great outdoors.  I sure I do not have to wait that long for my first caribou.  I have a pretty good connection to get up to Alaska toi hunt them just have to be able to afford it first.