Grand Teton Elk Hunt Starts Saturday

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Wyoming residents who have an elk license can apply for limited quota permits, for two areas in the Grand Teton National Park east of the Snake River. Federal law requires the culling of the herd to keep the population at target levels. From The Billing Gazette.


Great Buddy , thanks for

Great Buddy , thanks for sharing in intersting work.

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Well I think our opinion here

Well I think our opinion here in Colorado has been voiced very well already and hopefully someone with common sense reads things like this adn thinks about it logically for awhile. All I can say is I wish we were doing it here and wish I could be a part of it up there.

Good luck to nayone that actually has a chance to apply for and possibly participate in this great opportunity.

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Why can't the NPS do this in Rocky Mountain NP?

That's pretty cool for Wyoming.  I've not heard of this program before.  Rocky Mountain NP could use a small dose of this practical answer to elk overpopulation.  Instead, we get to look at and walk through ugly high fencing protecting the young aspen groves from overgrazing.  We get to enter a "lottery" for the harvested elk carcasses, shot by "professional" shooters.  And best of all, it only costs somewhere in the $10M range to administer this great program in Rocky Mountain NP over the next 10 years or so.

I guess I shouldn't complain about it.  They looked (and many environmental groups lobbied for it) at trying to provide contraceptives to the elk to help reduce the population.  Ya, birth control for cow elk and condoms for bulls.  Really?  Typical of government, take something that could actually produce revenue and make it a $10M expense.  Go figure.  Looks like we need some of the park rangers from the Tetons to come to Rocky Mountain and bring some of their common sense with them.


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Yeah, I have heard this is a

Yeah, I have heard this is a nice hunt, and a fun opportunity.  I have family in Wyoming, and as Numb said, it would be nice in times like this to be a resident of that state.  Not only is the Grand Teton area increadibly beautiful, it has great game populations and diversity.

Being able to hunt elk inside of an area like that, would be awesome!  Scenery, wildlife, it has it all.

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This kind of make me wish I

This kind of make me wish I was a resident of Wyoming. This sounds like it would be a fun hunt to be a part of. I'm sure there are some very nice bulls in the area that haven't had any hunting pressure. From reading some of the comments about this it sound like some of the Colorado hunters are a bit jelous. Even though the hunts will take place on a state park its important for the health of the herd to keep the numbers in check. I hope the hunt is a sucess and some lucky few hunters get some nice bulls. Goos luck to everyone who applies and who gets drawn.

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  Here is another link to


Here is another link to another good article about this...


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  Maybe once a tourist (or


Maybe once a tourist (or more) gets gored trying to take a picture of a large bull elk in Estes Park or RMNP becaue they think he is cute... then maybe we'll get that same opportunity.  If it takes a federal law to keep the herd in check... we may be waiting a long time here!  However, good luck to those Wyoming hunters fortunate to secure a permit for this special hunt!  I'm certain there are some real nice ones to harvest.  Here is a good article that goes more into the amount of tags and the specific culling number of cows and bulls on a total herd population...





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Now if Rocky Mountain would

Now if Rocky Mountain would only do this. Would be a win for the state, park and hunters.

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Wow that could be a very nice

Wow that could be a very nice tag to have in your pocket.  Almost sounds like a good hunt just like the one that go in RMNP that none of us can take part in.  Good luck to all the lucky hunters who are fortunate enough to draw thiese tags.