Grand Teton Amends Their Bear Rules

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After having two different mama grizzly bears with their cubs close to public roads, Grand Teton National Park realized they needed to update their wildlife rules. The distance a visitor needs to stay away from the wildlife remains at least 100 yards, this is loosely enforced, but now after having one of the mother bears charge two different visitors viewing from on top of their cars, enforcement will increase.

A new rule states that visitors must listen to what the Park Ranger tells them, in regards to moving away from wildlife. This is now punishable with fines, from $100 to $5000. The new rules also state that visitors must not interfere with wildlife movement, and that they must move away if they feel they have come too close to wildlife, accidentally.

Wildlife officials believe the mother bears bring their cubs close to the busy roads to keep away from grizzly males that might harm their cubs. Park officials have observed people try to feed the grizzlies as well and would like people to remember that feeding bears is signing their death warrant. Yellowstone National Park will be changing their rules, but might not be in effect until next fall. From The Salt Lake Tribune.


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Well, I will say this again,

Well, I will say this again, I don't see how anyone would have to be warned to stayt far, far away from any big game, let alone a mama grizzly.  I've seen some of those photos of people walking up beside a bull elk, or a bison inyellowstone, and it's a wonder that more people don't get trampled or gored.

Glad to see that the officials at Grand Teton have ammended their rules to keep people away.  Obviously people need to be instructed as to what to do.  This could be a very dangerous situation, and we wouldn't want to see any more bear attack.  Seems to be the summer of bear attacks this year.

Remember everyone, stay away. That's why they make zoom lenses....Wink

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I'm sure it is pretty hard to

I'm sure it is pretty hard to enforce and watch everybody as there are so many idiots doing stupid things. In light of recent events I'm sure they need to do this to protect themselves and try to send a message to people about how serious it really is. Like was said maybe if they started handing out a few fines people would at least be more afraid of the money loss than the bears and stop anyway. People only learn when it hurts the wallet it seems.

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I can not beleive that they

I can not beleive that they actually have to put rules on something that should be common sense. Why would you want to get that close to somdething that could rip you apart in a matter of minuets. I guess some people just dont realize what a bear can do to you.

I suppose if rules are put on it, you have those people out there trying to sue the park because they got to close to a bear and it harmed them. I guess you really have to be careful in this sue happy country. Lots of people out there looking for a free ride in life.

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Good for them I would rweally

Good for them I would rweally like to see someone get nailed with a $5000 dollar fine.  That will teach all these paople that whiole these animals are in a Park enviroment they are still a dangerous animal, and will attack if provoced or if you impeed onn there space.  We keep hearing on all the animal attacks latley and then we have people trying to feed a grizzly bear...real smart o their part and then like the artic8ile say you are basically killing that bear or any other animal for that, becasue we all know that next time they will attack someone becasuse they did not feed them.  And next time it may their kid or pet that is drug off into the woods and then they will be the first one complaining about the animals!