Golf Course Not Suitable for Elk

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A herd of elk has been causing damage to greens at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge's golf course in Washington. In efforts to try and scare the elk into moving away from the golf course, the owners were going to have hunters come and kill 3 of the elk. Their plans were publicized on Monday, when the hunting was set to begin. However the hunt did not happen, and now public outcry has begun.

Residents do not like the idea of high powered firearms being fired so close to their homes. The Snoqualmie Tribe said that residential areas and wildlife should be able to live peacefully together. There was also concern that the golf course officials did not research all their options. However the golf course owners are the ones who put the hunt on hold before public outcry started.

The state was enlisting the help of Master Hunters to work on the golf course only on Mondays when the course was closed. There is a small area, far away from homes where they would be allowed to shoot. The elk would then change their behaviors and maybe move on from the area, as the predator (hunter) was introduced. Master Hunters work with the state with their elk management, as the only predator elk face now are cars. From Snoqualmie Valley Record.


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This article is a perfect

This article is a perfect representation of why Washington is a non-hunter friendly state. I grew up in Northcentral Washington and have experienced urban encroachment first hand. However in certain cases damage hunts are needed. Washington is full of anti-hunters, it takes years for Fish and Wildlife to put together any special hunt where the public can object.

   Also cars are not the only natural predator that elk face in Washington. There are multiple confirmed wolf packs, in the Northcascades, as well as the Colville national forest. Not to mention the mountain lions and grizzlies.