Go Daddy CEO Takes Flak Over Elephant Hunt

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Bob Parsons, the sometimes flamboyant CEO of domain company Go Daddy, recently posted a video of himself hunting an elephant that had been causing crop damage for a farmer in Zimbabwe. The video caused a firestorm of criticism from various anti-hunting and animal rights groups and many are boycotting or leaving Go Daddy for competitors. ABC News has a write up and partial video of the hunt.

Bob Parsons said there is a persistent problem in that part of Zimbabwe, where elephants trample farmers' crops in an area that is already short of food. "In Zimbabwe, the people there are incredibly impoverished," Parsons told Mashable. "They treasure an empty plastic water bottle. It's heart-wrenching to watch. ... These people are all subsistence farmers, and if they don't have a good harvest, they starve. That's it -- there's no support, there's no welfare, and if they starve, they will die."


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OK, so I'm a little confused

OK, so I'm a little confused here and I have a couple questions. Why is it NOT ok for this guy to take out a rampaging Elephant when soem other hunters pay big money to go over there just to shoot an Elephant. And, was there an application for this hunt somewhere?, was he called and someone asked him to go there just for that? Didn't they have some official hunter from there to go get this Elephant? So many questions about this hunt or non hunt, I'm just curious.

Rather it's ok or not is up to the party's involved I would think. I dont know and I'm still wondering.

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I really cant stand these

I really cant stand these animal rights and anti hunting groups. What anout human rights, dont the people over there have a right ot eat, why is it ok for the elephants to trample there food and possible killing the people but humans cant protect there food supplys or themselfs without getting crap for it, What would these antis do if the world ran out of tofu? I'm getting so sick of these groups trying to mold the world and people to there mold. Its a bunch of BS!!!!!

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PETA is nothing but a bunch

PETA is nothing but a bunch of damn hypocrites their sole purpose in life is to raise money for their salaries and retirements.

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Three cheers for this guy! He

Three cheers for this guy! He helped a whole group of people by taking out one animal that was depriving them of their food.

I agree with your sentiments about most anti's. They are totally an willfully ignorant of the relationship between animals and humans outside of their own living room or a petting zoo.

They will lapse into mourning over a dead whale, but donate money to support killing unborn children.

They will tell the hunter, "Why don't you leave the wild animals alone and get your meat at the store where it's made?"

On through the fog . . .