Girls Getting More Involved in Hunting

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NPR has a story posted on its website about Magan Hebert a 15 year old Mississippi teenager who has been involved with hunting since she was 10. For most BGH readers, who have daughters that hunt, Magan's story is typical. What's surprising is the growth in the number of girls participating in hunting and the reaction to the NPR story. increasing number of girls now hunt. According to the latest data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, there are some 300,000 female hunters under the age of 16. From 1991 to 2006, the number of girls who hunt in this country nearly doubled.

That's a bright spot in the dreary wave of reports of the inevitable decline in hunter numbers. Its nice to read that female participation is both increasing and a pat-on-the-back to all those that have helped them get involved.

NPR is of course broadcast nationally and it appears that Magan's story caught the attention of some impassioned anti-hunters. If you would like to log your vote or leave your opinion of the story, click on over to this page.


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I have heard this for the

I have heard this for the last few years, that the overall number of hunting licenses sold in the United States is on the decline, but the female contingent is the only area that is actually increasing.

I think it's a great thing, but we have to figure out how to get the numbers swinging upward all across the board.

I voted for the "Great" selection, and it is blowing away the other choice.  Nice too see so many on the girl's side!

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hunting show influence

I also think that many of the newer hunting shows may have a bit to do with this.  We are seeing more hunting shows that revolve more around the "familiy" rather than middle aged rich guys leaving their families for a week to go on a guided hunt.  Shows like Heley Heath's really do cast a pretty good light on hunting, making it something for sons and daughters, fun for the whole family.  Great job to Haley and G.O. for bringing this to light. 

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Great news for Mississippi,

Great news for Mississippi, great news for hunting in general and best of all - a great way to inspire youth hunters - particularly the female persuasion.

At a time when hunting needs all of the help it can get, this is a great booster for all of us that are pro hunting.

There will always be a segment of society that is opposed to hunting and part of that group - the most radical, obviously, will fall into groups like PETA and you just wonder how many would go if they were not led into this type of activity. I wonder if some of these folks are just looking for a cause and happened to find one like PETA.

Another thing I am very happy about is the fact that this piece aired on NPR - they have historically been very left leaning, in spite of their best efforts to camoflauge it... they do good work and I have learned a lot off of NPR - but you have to sift through some of the stuff from them just like yuu have to sift through some of the drivel from Rush Limbuagh.... radicals on either side are just about equally as idiotic (and dangersous) if you ask me... but I digress - this is not about politics.

Kudos to Magan and obviously to her family as they support her in her pursuit of hunting.

Great story and a good way for us - in reply - to offer some support to hunting in general!

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Well I voted on their survey

Well I voted on their survey (obviously for the fact that I liked the story and its content) and it looks like we are doing pretty well on that survey haha. The sample size is up to about 1200 and over 70 percent of respondants liked it. Who knows how much the BGH community is over powering the results though now that there is a calling for us to take part in it. The content of the story is even better news however.

This was the first year that my mom went big game hunting and she had a blast. The late November Colorado winds and cold did a number on her but she can't wait for next year to get out there and chase elk; although during a much earlier season according to her. All we ever hear anymore is about the decline in hunter number across this country. I have heard that the female demographic is the fastest growing as far as hunter numbers go. Bring them in boys. They are better shots than most male shooters with like experience, in my opinion. So be ready to get out shot.

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many programs

Likely has something to do with all the free hunting and shooting opportunities being offered by many states Div of Wildlife.  I know that Colorado Div Of Wildlife has a lot to offer (for paractically free) if you are a woman or even a youth of either sex.