Get Raccoon Meat While You Wash Your Car

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A Houston car wash was providing more services than just the full service car wash. Houston Police raided the car wash after undercover police were able to buy liquor, illegal drugs, and raccoon meat. Officers set up the raid after complaints from neighbors. The owner of the car wash denied that illegal items were being sold at the car wash and that the raid had no warrant, according to All Headline News.

Aside from a box of raccoon meat, police found 1,000 prescription pills, dried marijuana leaves and one stolen gun inside the premises.


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i work a lot in the ghetto of

i work a lot in the ghetto of kansas city and you see a lot of asian places that serve "traditional" meat on their menus. i suspect that it's infact whatever they can get... cat, dog, racoon, opossum?

that is so funny!

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Wow now that is a pretty

Wow now that is a pretty crazy story!

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All the other stuff in this

All the other stuff in this report happens in a lot of places but the raccoon meat caught me by surprise for sure. I know guys that hunted coos a lot when I was a kid and swear the meat is great but I have never tried it and I'm sure even if it was decent I would not be sneaking out to buy some at the car wash.

Funny article, I guess there is money in every thing now.

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Wow, now that's

Wow, now that's interesting.... lol

I know people eat that, but to actually sell it at a car wash???? "Yeah, I'd like the #2 Deluxe wash with a side of sauteed raccoon"...... Wink

On a side note to this, I saw an interesting speical on Detroit last year.  Big chunks of that city have become almost ghost towns, and the critters are moving in. There is one older gentlemen that goes out hunting for the raccoons, pretty much in the city limits, and will then bring them back and fry them up for the neighbors.