Get the Most Deer "Game" Player Gets Caught

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Wisconsin has some great rural areas, that is home to thousands of whitetail deer. They also have a hunting season, that many residents like to participate in. This story is not about hunters, this story is about young men who went on a wild "thrill kill."

Nathan Blaha (20) of Hillsboro, Wisconsin, along with Steven Blaha (17) and Brogan Gillingham (18) and another young male may have killed over 100 deer. Nathan Blaha had killed the most. In court papers when asked why he did it, Nathan wrote it was because they had a bet to see who could kill the most deer.

They would take their truck out after legal hunting hours, spotlight a deer, shoot it, and keep going. Private property owners were the ones to first notice, as they would hear late night shooting and then find deer carcasses on their property. Nathan Blaha admitted to killing 20-30 in the last year, but investigators think it may be closer to hundreds.

Authorities, hunters and conservation groups all hope the book is thrown at Nathan. He has three charges against him, with each a potential of up to 6 months in jail, minimum $1000 fine, and loss of hunting privileges for the next 9 years. From