Georgia Man Fined for Shooting Florida Panther

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In 2008 David Adams was hunting in a tree stand on public Corps of Engineers land near West Point Lake in Troup County, Georgia. He had a big cat in his sights and shot it with a muzzleloader. At first it was believed to have been an escaped pet, but after tests were completed it was a confirmed Florida panther. Florida panthers are protected by the endangered species act. This Florida panther had travelled into Georgia where it was shot.

Adams was fined $2,000 and put on probation for 2 years. During probation he is not allowed to do any hunting or have a hunting license anywhere in the United States. Adams knew he was shooting a cougar when he pulled the trigger and there is no open season on cougar in the state of Georgia.

Florida panthers have been protected by the endangered species act since the late 60s. Florida's Fish and Wildlife Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service have been working together to bring the panther back from near extinction. They now number in the 100s. The shot cat was nearly 600 miles from its known habitat. From The Augusta Chronicle.


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I'm not really sure about the

I'm not really sure about the whole endangered Florida panther issue as I'm sure it's just another mountain lion. But that's not really the issue here anyway. It's pretty stupid to just go and shoot something you don't have a tag for no matter what  it is or where you are hunting. Unless you are clearly being attacked you will definately find yourself in some hot water just like this guy here. And it would be pretty hard to claim being attacked when your sitting up in a tree. Possible I suppose but not very likely.