Generations of Poaching

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Poaching has been a way of life for generations in this Oregon family. Shane Donoho learned from his father, who learned from his father and so on about poaching. Even while Rory was being served with a search warrant, a young grandchild offered to teach the police officers how to hunt deer.

"He said, 'You've got to hold your spotlight in your left hand and kind of rest your rifle on top of it,'" Hall recounted. The prosecutor said he asked the boy why he needed a spotlight to hunt deer, and the child replied: "Because it's dark outside, and they'll stop and look at you." Hunting after dark is illegal.

Shane Donoho and his father, Rory accepted a plea deal Tuesday. Shane and his father under the plea deal will be spending the next four deer seasons behind bars. They must come in October 1, the beginning of deer season, and remain 90 days, for the next four years. The two lost all hunting privileges for the rest of their lives.

The generations of poaching are responsible for depleting deer populations in certain wildlife areas. Shane admitted to killing over 300 deer in the past 5 years, each season a hunter is allowed one in Oregon. The Donohos would use other people's tags, so if they were caught poaching they would seem legit. They plead guilty to charges of racketeering, identity theft and poaching. They also forfeited 19 rifles, and 1,600 pounds of frozen meat. The meat will be donated to zoos and wildlife rehabilitation centers. From The Associated Press.


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some kind of joke

Is that penalty some kind of joke?  What good does a judge think that spending 90 days per year in jail is going to do?  In my opinion, judges like this are part of the problem.  If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't work.  If you don't make it hard on that family, they will continue in their ways.  Does this judge think deer can only be poached during the hunting season?  Does he/she think the poaching will stop?

It's sad that the life of crime is ingrained into the family, all the way down to the children.  Putting a couple of them in jail will only make the family switch to someone else as the shooters.  Why didn't the judge put them in jail for ten or twenty years?  And if any member of the family is caught poaching, the term is automatically doubled and the new member serves the same.

How about this idea.... if during the time these jerks are free, they get caught poaching, the judge gets a year in jail???  Maybe he/she would get the clue and do something meaningful. 

What dollar figure do 300 deer represent?  Maybe the family should sell everything they own and give it to the game department?  I guess the whole court system seems like a joke to me when it comes to things like this.

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Spend deer season in jail !!! What a deer season matters to a poacher....COME ON ! Give them the whole 360 days consecutive. A game LAW (S) have been broken for consecutive years........

 It is a shame the younger generation got dragged in......What's the penalty for that ? There's a need for ethics training more so than "HUNTER SAFETY" god people !

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I still feel that the

I still feel that the penelties are on th light side for the anount of deer the took. I have read 4 article on this story and still havent seen anything about a fine. if there is no fine and only 4 season in jail and lose of guns and licences that is not justice. Someone posted in my thread that he thaught they were fined as well bjut i havent seen anything about any fines. I still would love to see atleast $25,000 each, and 4 full years in jail and lose of guns and licences for life. Its very sad that this was going on for so long and was a way of life for this family. I hope the younger kids wil learn from the adults mistake and do things the right way. I would like to see the state step in and educate these kids with free hunters ed and other classes.

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I think the penalties look

I think the penalties look like they are pretty much in order. The earlier reports we saw I wasn't sure but it's pretty heavy now as there was some hefty fines involved as well. Loosing there legal hunting privelage for life is a big one but even though they were buying extra tags there is no way they killed taht many deer in season with a license for every one of them. So obviously they will try it agin if htey think they can get away with it. The saddest thing here is that the were teaching the youngest family member to do it also with no fear of talking about it like it was something normal. Hopefully the youth will see the mistakes they made and go about it the right way and not try to carry on the tradition of crime.

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Holy crap, when I commented

Holy crap, when I commented on this being a fair sentence for poaching yesterday, I didn't realize that they had killed over 300 deer in just 5 years!!!  Geez, that's more than one a week.

I like the idea of putting them in jail during the hunting season, and the lifetime loss of hunting privelages.  However, I hope that other states reciprocate and also do not allow them to hunt.  There are alot of states participating in that exchange, but not all of them.

It is too easy for these guys to slip across state lines and get a license in another state, maybe even using a different name.

The other unfortunate thing is that the father and son have been doing it their whole life, so I can't see why they will stop now.  Especially when that urge to hunt comes along, you have to believe these guys will be picked up again some time down the road with a rifle and a spotlight in the truck.  Hopefully they'll throw them in jail for good and lose the key.

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That would be real crazyto

That would be real crazyto hear a child tell you a story like that on how you are suppose to hunt deer.  Glad to see that they were finally busted....hopefully the child will learn the proper way to hunt deer and not continue to follow in his mentors foot steps.  Also gald to see that they will do some jail time and that they cannot legally have a hunting license for the rest of their lives, but once a poacher always a poacher.  I would venture to say that they will contiune to poach juts may have to work harder to not get caught.  But I would think state offiacls will work harder to keep them from it or they will get caught again.