Gator in the Tank?

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Researchers at University of Louisiana at Lafayette have been studying alligator fat. Annually American alligator meat processors trim the fat and throw it away, over 15.4 million pounds per year goes to the dump. The researchers were given frozen fat from state officials and seafood industries to work with.

The fat was microwaved for five minutes, blended at full power and then decanted. The bio-diesel properties are there. It was 61% oil by weight, where soybean oil is at 85%. "This is one of the most attractive animal fats we've seen,"says researcher Mark Zappi. From The Calgary Herald.


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Can We Cook With It

Hey I'm all about using every bit of an animal.  I plan on putting in for a 2012 Gator tag.  I say trim the fat start up the propane and get the pot ready for some fried gator bites with some hushpuppies.

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Although it all sounds good

Although it all sounds good and interesting I would bet that this will turn into one of those studies that uses up a bunch of money itself and then the results are never put to use. It's a novel idea but I'm willing to bet the cost of production outweighs the benefits. 

I was surprised at how much of the stuff goes to waste though and how many alligators get processed every year.

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That's a Lot of Fat!

Well converting this 15.4 million pounds into biodiesel would equate to approximately 2 million gallons of fuel. It would be a supplement but not a solution for change. The US produces about 700 million gallons of biodiesel a year - most of it made up from soybean oil. We would have to generate a lot more alligators in order to make a real difference... and we don't have that many alligators. So maybe diesel goes down a penny or two and my deep fried gator bites go up a dollar per pound - No Way!



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It is nice to see people out

It is nice to see people out there that try to find a way to use every part of a animal as possible. Some people do not care and just want to kill something to kill. I am all for trying to figure out a purpose for every usable part of an animal as possible.

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Good way to put some resourse

Good way to put some resourse to a good use.  just the sound of some gator fat just not seem to applealing to me, but whatever it takes to use some some scraps I am all for.

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Well, that's an intereting

Well, that's an intereting way to put the scraps to use... lol Biodiesel, I guess.

Interesting what kind of studies we fund in the U.S. I guess this one is not so bad though.  I don't think many tree huggers would appreciate us moving from fossil fuels, to animal fat to put in our tanks though.  Kinda goes against the idea of saving the environment. Wink