Game Cam Used as Bait

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Apparently baiting isn't just effective on the "lesser" animals. Police used a novel baiting technique when hunters had complained of stolen game cams and tree stands in an area near Mariemont Ohio. They made a fake game cam loaded with a GPS tracking device to capture the thief in the act.

According to

As police were on the phone with a hunter who reported the gunshots and seeing a man in hunting garb race off, officers discovered that the department's fake deer cam - complete with a GPS device - was moving ... The bait camera had not even been in place for 24 hours when police say they caught Jeremy Glenn stealing it."


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good ideas


There are some good ideas posted here.


I'm glad to see law enforcement being proactive in a useful way too.  Any time I hear about unethical behavior being prosecuted it makes me happy.  Anybody who would steal another hunters gear is not much of a sportsman.  Remember the term sportsmanship?  The only way that I would ever move another hunter’s gear is if he had set it up on my posted property.  On public property I have often found unoccupied tree stands, blinds, tents, game camera’s etcetera.  I would never consider stealing or even touching them  That’s just wrong. 


The two camera idea to catch the thief on film is a great idea.  If I wee leaving a tree stand anywhere except on my own property I would definitely add a camera to record what happened there.  You might get a picture of deer checking out your stand.  You might just catch a photograph of someone carrying your stand away!


GameCamerabuff has an even better idea though – just have the manufacturer’s install a security code that makes the camera useless without the code.  They already do this with car stereos.  The technology already exists so it can’t be too terribly hard to adapt and install on game cameras.  I know I’d be willing to tack $10 onto the purchase price of future camera acquisitions for that security feature.  I think that most of us would.


The tracking device built into every game camera would be prohibitively expensive, but the code should be cheap and easy. 

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They caught this gentleman

They caught this gentleman but what will the charge be?

Stealing a $200 camera?

I read about gun shots but the link no longer works so I can not read the entire article.

The theft of tree stands and game cameras is rampant these days.... and here is another BAD thing... this is hunters stealing from hunters.

This is just another great "poor" example of a cancer from within our ranks - one now that creates a situation where we steal from one another.

Here is a great trick that I have seen work numerous times - and the thieves are often known to the person that has an item stolen... put an el cheapo flash camera out in an obvious place - but then put a better infrared camera up in a tree about 10 feet up... looking down at the "bait" camera.

The thief takes the cheap camera but it also photographed in the process!

I have new lease for 2011 - I am going to do this with the area in the barn where my camper will be and where the four wheeler will be stored.

Better safe than sorry!


Thanks Mr Cam Stealer

These always seems to be the people who get the headlines.  This is how we hunters are represented in the public.  The anti-hunting groups love to hear and see these stories.  It gives them ammo to fire their guns against us.  Well not their guns because guns are bad for the world. They fire their whatever they use who knows.  But thanks pal, we appreciate the help in our cause.  You should have  your man-card permanently pulled and destroyed.   Now join the other side and find ways to blame us for everything wrong in the world.  Just becarefull throwing rocks in your glass house.

Game camera suggestions

Why don't we camera owners send a suggestion to manufacturers to include in their programming the insert of a six to ten digit code that must be entered to use the camera and retrieve the pictures. NO CODE, NO CAN USE.  The owner can put in the code when he buys the camera and it is of no use to anyone else.  Want to loan your camera to a friend, then give him the code.  Thieves can't use them, so why steal them. 

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This is an excellent idea.  i

This is an excellent idea.  i wonder if it would deter someone from stealing them or if they would just steal them and through them away?  I still think it is a good idea.

i just think we need to go one step further and make sure that the penalties for stealing a game cam are stiff enough to add another deterrent to stealing them.

I agree

I completely agree that we need stronger penalties for thieves.  Your probably right that having a USER CODE wouldn't completely deter the thefts, but it sure would give me some satisfaction to know the prick that stole it couldn't use it.


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That is the way that you need

That is the way that you need to go about doing it.... set up a camera that is very concealed on one that is more obvious and get yourself a picture of the idiot walking up, prying the camera off the tree and walking away with it. It seems like the authorities would be forced to do something at that point. I do think it is rediculous that stolen hunting gear, whether it be blinds, tree stands or game cameras are not given a second's thought by the authorities. These items are expensive and most of the time there is tresspassing involved in the crime.

A good example is the one brought up saying that hunters showed up with rifles in a bow only area and started shooting towards the archer. And the police said that they would have someone up within the hour! That is sad. Don't rely on the police to protect you. They can only show up later and draw chalk lines on the ground.

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Something to think about is

Something to think about is if the current laws and their corresponding penalties fit the crime?  Many laws and penalties are based on the cost of the property stolen so someone who steals a camera and gets caught may only get a slight slap on the risk.  I am not generally for more government regulation and this isn't really more, just making sure the penalty fits the crime, so I would suggest reviewing the penalties in your state and working with a legislator to increase the penalty to make it more a deterrent to stealing game cams. 

Stealing a game cam isn't really like stealing another piece of property.  It represents a lot of hard work and dreams so maybe we need to make the penalty "hurt" those that trepass, steal hours of scouting and dreams so they will think twice about doing it?

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That is awesome!  Not only is it awesome that they caught the thieves, but also that the local authorities got involved.  Here in Southern California, they just tell you that you call file a report but nothing else is ever done about it.  Hell, my friend was hunting in an archery-only area a couple of years ago and some yahoos had snuck in with their rifles and were shooting towards him.  When he called the sheriff, they told him that they would have someone up in an hour or so! 

I would love to set a couple of these traps up in the Cleveland National Forest!!!

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This is an awesome idea. I have had two trail cams stolen from my property! I know who it was but I had no proof so I couldn’t do anything about it. I have also had a blind and a tree stand stolen on other properties. I wonder if I could place a small GPS on a blind and as it walks away the guy will be on his way to court! I think I’m going to place two cameras one higher and one in clear view. So I can get the evidence I need to press charges. Idiots who steal other hunter’s things get what’s coming to them. This is awesome I’m glad they got the guy who was stealing. I can’t wait to be in law enforcement and help stop these idiots! 

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I love it!  I bought my Dad

I love it!  I bought my Dad his first game camera for his birthday this year, and gave it to him a month early so he could get some scouting in.  He tested it in the backyard, got a few photos, and deployed it in his spot.  4 days later he went to get it, and it was gone.  He never even got to check the photos.

We suggested hanging a second one higher up in the tree angling down to catch the theif.  However, i like this idea better.

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Crooks are Dumb

We are fortunate that crooks are dumb otherwise it'd be harder to catch them.  Amazes me the poachers that get caught shooting at fake deer set up by law enforcment.  I hadn't heard about doing this with trail cams but I think it is a wonderful idea.  They steal more than just the camera, they steal a hunters dreams and contaminate the area with a stench that goes beyond physical.

On another site, a hunter had someone stealing his cams so he set up two.  One caught a local guy with a big grin hauling off the other one.  The hunter new the guy and planned to press charges.

He posted the pic on the internet which I hope caused the thief some embarrassment.

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+1 about the dumb crooks. The

+1 about the dumb crooks. The NCDOW has several of those fake deer, actually stuffed deer. They have to replace them every several years because they get so many holes in them. They had one with a moveable neck until a poacher shot the deer in the neck destroying the deer. I talked to a game warden one day at a local store about this subject....he said he had arrested the same guy 3 times for shooting his deer...the third time, the guy had his wife with him and she was arrested also...funny to me.

Here's a thought....why don't the manufacturer's install anti-theft gps tracking devices when they put the camera together...if a thief steals your camera, all you have to do is call the authorities and give them the frequency for your tracking device.