FWS Begins Wolf Talks With Wyoming

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The Fish and Wildlife Service reversed course and decided to drop its appeal of Judge Alan Johnson's order to reconsider Wyoming's wolf management program. While the outcome of the discussions appears to be a step in the right direction toward coming up with a comprehensive state driven wolf management program. The Great Falls Tribune has a write up on the FWS decision.

"We strongly believe that the recovered Northern Rocky Mountain (population of) gray wolves is most appropriately managed by states and tribes," said Rowan Gould, acting director of the Fish and Wildlife Service. "Rather than lose more time in court with an appeal that won’t help resolve the problem, the service looks forward to working on a plan that can meet the state’s needs."


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If I remember correctly that

If I remember correctly that was one of the things that screwed up the hunts in the first place, not all the states involved having a management plan in place. Hopefully this will help get it straightened out and get the ball rolling again.

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Nice to see some common sense

Nice to see some common sense on the part of the Fish and Wildlife Service.  As the guy said, it's useless to waste more time in court trying to appeal, which most likely won't work.

Instead, they will sit down and work out a plan. 

If you look at some of the quotes, they even say that they are "biologically" recovered across Wyoming.  Hopefully we will see constructive talks resulting in a managed hunting season, possibly in the not to distant future.

Then, maybe Montana and Idaho can follow suit, for starters. Wink

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Amen to that! Wow - they

Amen to that!

Wow - they would like to see a plan that "meets the state's needs". That attitude has been missing from our federal government for a long time. It seems like they have had the mind that they know what is good and best for everyone. This is a breath of fresh air from the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Three cheers for this new direction. As Vermonster said, we can only hope that it will spread to other states as well.