Four Minnesota Counties Ban Deer Feeding

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In an effort to stop the transmission of recently discovered Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in southeastern Minnesota, the DNR is banning all feeding in four counties around Pine Island. Those counties are Dodge, Goodhue, Olmsted and Wabasha and the Star Tribune has a brief write up on the new regulations.

It will be illegal to place or have food out that is capable of attracting wild deer. People who feed birds or small mammals must find ways to do so without attracting deer, such as keeping the food at least 6 feet above ground.

The DNR has posted an informational site that explains CWD and what is being done to combat the disease in Minnesota.


hunter25's picture

I thought it was funny to

I thought it was funny to read this about Minnesota implementing a feeding ban when Michigan has announced it is lifting theirs. I think these examples show again that nobody really seems to have any idea what to do but just feel that they need to do something

Hopefully someone comes up with a real plan with real answers at some point.

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The problem you will have

The problem you will have here is with all the tree huggers that think it's a great thing to feed the deer and "help" them out.

We have had that problem with people out here in California.  They have one lady up in the northern part of the state that has actually been fined multiple times, but says she won't stop because she thinks of them as family.

I think it'd be great to get permission from her neighbors and sit right across the property line. lol