Four Bears Killed After Woman Mauled

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Stl'atl'imx Tribal Service, a British Columbia community-based policing body, received reports of a missing woman. When they went to her house to investigate they found blood and torn scattered clothes leading down a hill. There was no garbage or food lying around that would've been bear attractant, the area was clean except for the blood. The body was found by the RCMP canine unit, 300-400 meters from the home. The marks, and hairs by the body point to death by black bear.

Black bears usually attack for 2 reasons, defensive, either their babies, food or territory, or a predatory attack. A recent study has shown that predatory attacks by male black bears is worse than attacks by black bear mothers defending their children. Fatal attacks on humans is rare in British Columbia, only 2 since 2000 have been reported.

Snares were set around the home, as well as helicopter monitoring in the vicinity of the home. The home of the victim was in bear territory. Four black bears have been shot and killed in the area. Necropsies done on the four bears did not turn up any evidence, but that could be from the large time span from the mauling and the necropsies. DNA samples from the bears have been sent to Alberta Fish and Wildlife Department in Edmonton to see if the DNA matches the hairs found on the body. An autopsy will be done on the woman to determine exact cause of death. Identity has not been released but the woman who was reported missing was a well-respected Xaxli'p elder. From the Vancouver Sun.


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I was surprised when I first

I was surprised when I first read this as I thought it was saying that four bears were involved in the attack. After reading the article though it apperars that the tragedy was caused by only one bear with no real indication of why. It's sad that something like this happens at all but at least in most cases there was an easily found trigger that started it.  After now killing four bears visiting the area where the attack happened I hope they were able to get the right one so nothing similar will happen again to anyone else.

I was surprised as well that it was a black bear and not a grizzle considering the area where the attack took place.

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yet again another storry of

yet again another storry of an anmial attack.  Unlike most of the ones we hear it sounds as if she kmew what she was doing in the area by keeping the trash picked up.  So this makes me curious as to why the bears actually attacked her.  You just not hear to many stories of black bears atackking people,let along killind someone.  Hopefully the bear will turn up and maybe it was sick or somthing.  Some condolences go out to the womans family and friends.