Former Idaho Gubernatorial Candidate Urges Wolf Killings

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Rex Rammell, who lost his primary bid against Republican Butch Otter this past fall, urged a crowd of more than 100 to take matters into their own hands and start killing wolves.

According to Mr. Rammell said county commissioners should declare an emergency that allows citizens to kill wolves on sight. But, he adds, residents should organize a hunt and start killing wolves anyway even if no such order comes. He says he does not believe the sheriff, the state or federal authorities would interfere.

However according to the Missoulian it would probably be a bad idea to take Mr. Rammell's advice.

Law enforcement will take action if northern Idaho residents take the advice of a failed gubernatorial candidate and start illegally killing wolves, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official said. "I think it's pretty clear to say that if there's a federal law that is violated, then the federal law will have to be engaged," Meggan Laxalt Mackey, an external affairs specialist with the agency, told the Lewiston Tribune.

Rex Rammell was charged with elk poaching in early December.


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This guy is laughable at

This guy is laughable at best. I am sure that the hundred people listening to him rant were the last clinger-ons from his failed gubernatorial bid. I feel sorry for any poor soul that feels like their best chance at getting this problem solved is listening to a poacher that thinks he is doing the public a favor by trying to get them to go out and poach wolves. I have an idea... how about this brainiac goes out and does it himself. He has already been hit up with poaching charges and there is no reason for others to get charged with poaching because this guy wants him to. It is pretty obvious that the federal government is going to go after anyone that poaches wolves. I understand that the citizens of that state are fed up... and for good reason. But I don't want to see any of them lose their hunting rights.

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I would say, at first glance,

I would say, at first glance, that Mr. Rammell is an extremist - and as is typically the case with most folks who choose an extreme path - he has to be viewed with some amount of - at a minimum, skepticism - and at the other end of the extreme, disdain.

Here is a guy that lost a gubernatorial bid in every county except one - and now with what appears to be sour grapes, encourages law abiding citizens to commit a crime.

Oppps - he does not encourage one citizen to accuse a crime - he does it to many.

Now, let these people follow his wishes and kill some wolves... and then they will likely immediately be arrested (as they should be) - I would like to see where Mr. Rammell is then... when it is time to bail these poor folks out of jail.

Then the cries of "go ahead and do it - they will not enforce the law" will likely turn into "these people were thinking for themselves - let them get their own selves out of jail".

I do not know the history of this whole debacle - but I notice now the tab that states Mr. Rammell was also recently arrested for elk poaching ... ummmm, yeah, there is a guy you want to listen to real closely and let him lead you into the path of damnation as well!!

Gimme a break!

The best thing that can happen here is that they bounce this guy - clearly an extremist - out on his ear and then do the right thing for the state....

If there are an adundance of wolves, open a tightly controlled season and let it generate some revenue for the state.

I have stated this before... there would likely be a fairly stout demand for folks that would hunt the wolves...

If there is not support for a season and if there is a concentrated area where the wolves pose a threat - say to wildlife - bring a group of experienced folks in to exterminate them... or have a one time open-to-the-public hunt to bring the numbers down.

There are so many reasonable ways to resolve this - including some that make money - I can not believe that anyone (much less a group of 100) would pay this guy any attention.