Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' Law to be Reviewed

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Florida, along with about 20 other states have a similar "stand your ground" law. These types of laws were put into place to protect people who felt endangered and then used lethal force to protect themselves. These types of laws give citizens legal protection for using lethal force. Critics of the laws say it gives citizens less accountability than police officers. There seems to be a large shade of grey on what constitutes feeling endangered as well. One could be in a bar fight, and feel endangered.

A most recent and publicized case is that of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old who was walking home when the neighborhood watch George Zimmerman spotted him. In some cases, the one feeling endangered does not call 911 which is another thing critics do not like. In this case Zimmerman did call 911, and the dispatcher told him not to pursue Martin. Zimmerman did not heed this advice, continued following Martin, and ultimately killed him. Zimmerman's word saying he felt endangered could keep him out of legal consequences under the stand your ground law. However, there is an investigation continuing especially with the fact that Zimmerman was the pursuant in this case, following Martin. Next month a grand jury will receive the case to review. Florida lawmakers and Governor are reviewing the state's law for cases such as this. From KOCO.com.