Florida Man Who Shot Conservation Officer Testifies

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Christopher Eddy shot Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer Vann Streety over two years ago now. His trial for attempted murder is wrapping up, with the defense expected to give their ending arguments today.

Eddy has never denied shooting Streety, he admitted to it. Eddy testified for his own defense. Eddy said Streety had threatened him, when Eddy pulled his gun Streety went running and Eddy pulled the trigger. He says he aimed for the officer's bullet proof vest so as not to kill him. If the jury finds Eddy guilty, he faces life in prison. From Wesh.com.


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Let me get this straight.  A

Let me get this straight.  A conservation officer in Florida approaches you, something happens, and you feel "threatened".  So, to solve that, you take aim at him, and you pull the trigger?  Huh?  Oh, that's okay, you aimed at his vest so you didn't kill him.  That makes you a smart man. lol However, if he was RUNNING AWAY, he couldn't have really been a threat to your life, coul he?

You have to wonder what kind of people would volunteer to be this guys lawyer, let alone try and come up with an excuse like that.  It almost makes you appear more guilty to the jury, and if you keep yanking everyone's chain like that, you are more than likely to get the maximum sentence (which he deserves).  The best choice would be to admit guilt, and hope you don't get life in prison.

Whatever happened to people being responsible for their actions these days.  It'll be better for the rest of us if he lives out his life behind bars.

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I hope this guy gets what he

I hope this guy gets what he deserves. Shooting at another person whether it's a average Joe or an officer is unexusable. I don't quit get why if he admitted to it why is there a trial and not just sentenceing? I am pretty sure you can't admit to the crime and then plead NOT guilty. That might just throw a wrench in the defences case in my opion. I wasn't there to say if the man was threanted by the officer or not but not all cops or law enforcement are honest people and they get more credit than whats giving to them. I know a lot of people in law enforcement and they all have power trip issues and think just because they have a badge that they can treat people anyway they want. The cops have to fallow laws too. There are some very good respectable cops and wardens out there but you hear of more bad ones. Just look at some of the threads on this forum from people who have had bad experiences with Warden when they were not doing anything wrong.

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So not only did he shoot a

So not only did he shoot a warden it sounds like he shot him in the back. Even if the officed did threaten him which is very unlikely, as soon as the officer turned to run the threat was over so he had no reason to fire. Sounds like this guy is headed to a all expence paid vacation to the Florida state pen. Hopefully for a long time! 

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  In my opinion they will


In my opinion they will find Mr. Eddy guilty of attempted murder.  He will most likely not get life in prison though... but he does deserve it.  Firing a weapon at an officer, let alone an officer who is running away from the situation, is not done by somebody who is in their right mind nor a person who values another human life.  I hope justice is served here.  I wouldn't mind reading the transcripts of the trial to get the full story behind all of this.



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Unforgivable actions here and

Unforgivable actions here and I hope the man is punished accordingly. I really don't believe he was threatened llike he says or the warden would not have been running away when he was shot. Fortunately he did have the vest on but but that's a very poor excuse. 

Again I hope he gets the maximum penalty for doing this and in a way bragging about it.

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Sounds like this guy was out

Sounds like this guy was out of control or is still. he definitley needs to spend some time behind bars. If you asked me if he was shooting at the officer I would say he was shooting to hurt him or even kill him. Either way he was shooting at another man. Makes you think how hard these coservation officers jobs are when they are dealing with people out in the middle of no where who most likely is armed with a good size gun. I for one can I am proud of these guys out there keeping laws and rules in order so we all have nature to hunt in for many generations to come.

Thank you Conservation officers.