Florida Man Goes to Jail Over Gator Tail

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According to the Palm Beach Post, an Orlando man is in jail after being caught with a 50 inch alligator tail. Jason Brewer faces several felony charges related to the poaching.

An Orlando man accused Tuesday of illegally cutting off a 50-inch alligator tail told deputies he hacked it with a knife kept in his Taco Bell pants. After reading Brewer his Miranda rights, he told the deputy he had earlier parked at the St. Johns River near State Road 50, according to his arrest report. Brewer spotted a gator along the river bank and struck it in the head with a large piece of wood.


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I don’t see many redeeming features in them, but....

While I am no fan of the alligator species - I don’t see many redeeming features in them , poaching is poaching. And while alligators have made a remarkable comeback in the last fifty or so years so much that they are abundantly (maybe over abundantly) numerous, there was a time when they were a threatened species.  So the game laws are working and should be obeyed. 

It would be hard to claim self defense when you carry four feet of tail away with you.  He hit it with a stick? Are you serious? What kind of imbecile tackles a prehistoric reptilian predator species with a stick of fire-wood.  Apparently this guy has a pattern of making poor decisions!  Let’s hope that this guy realizes that he isn’t making good choices and decides to turn his life around after a brush with law enforcement on this issue. 

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Throw the book at him! 

Throw the book at him!  Poachers need to be made an example of...I know it will not cure the problem but it may stop someone else from starting a poahing career.

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What a bone head, well hope

What a bone head, well hope he gets what  he deserves. poaching is poaching and i feel no remorse for poachers. good jod Florida law enforcement. whats the deal with putting it in his pants?