Florida Man Breaks Many Laws to Kill Trophy Brown Bear

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First a Florida man steals his friend's identity to illegally kill a brown bear, then he complains because it wasn't big enough! Jack Vincent Dickerson, 35, used his friend's name to purchase a bear tag and hunting license in Alaska. Dickerson was not eligible to go bear hunting in Game Management Unit 9 on the Alaska Peninsula because he had already hunted a bear in that area and wouldn't be eligible for that area again until 2012. Instead he used his friend's name to get a bear hunting license and go on a guided hunt through Cabela's Outdoor Adventures. Dickerson shot and killed a large brown bear in GMU 9.

He went back to his Florida home, where he received the skull and pelt. He had the pelt turned into a rug through a Florida taxidermist. Then Dickerson complained to Cabela's Outdoor Adventures because he wanted a 10 ft brown bear, and he complained about the quality of the hunt. To get out of paying for the hunt he told his credit card company that someone else had charged it.

Dickerson shot and killed the bear in October 2009. The case finally ended Thursday with Dickerson pleading guilty. His fines are $50,000 for one felony count of violating the Lacey Act and felony identity theft. He must also pay $15,150 in restitution to Cabela's Inc. and $1,300 in restitution to the state of Alaska, the U.S. Attorney's office says. Dickerson will also be losing his .416 Ruger hunting rifle, and the bear rug from the trophy brown bear he killed illegally. From Anchorage Daily News.


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Jack V. Dickerson

Also Was arrested for using a tazer on a 72 year old man in Citrus County Florida for having road rage. An anger management issue.

Here is the news release as

Here is the news release as published by the US Department of Justice US Attorneys Office, Alaska Distric


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There are a lot of different

There are a lot of different charges here and it looks like a bit of confusion or possibly misinformation. All I can say is no matter what really happened or or what mistakes were made it's good to see you now step up and admit your mistake and take the penalty.

Guilty, but let's please get an accurate story

Yes, I killed a bear illegally in Alaska.  For that I have apologized and have been punished.  But lets get the story correct.  First of all, there was no identity stolen.  If your buddy gives you permission to use his name because nobody feels that it is a big deal, it is not stealing.  A friend doesn't get his friend in the middle of everything, so a friend takes the blame himself, as it was my idea anyway.  After having a meeting with the guide and outfitter, I specifically explained to them that I did not want to shoot a bear under 9 ft., and I positively did not want to shoot a sow (female).  I was very clear that I would rather kill nothing than a small or female bear.  The guide is paid to field judge animals for hunters who do not see these bears on a daily basis.  He made a mistake and the 10 ft. boar turned out to be an 8 ft. sow.  It was not a large brown bear as stated above.  In addition, the "pelt" was turned into a rug by an Alaskan taxidermist, not Florida.  At no time did I claim that the charges on my card were made by another person.  I simply disputed the quality of the services that I paid for on the hunt.  By doing this I knew that I was opening up the investigation and would be found out.  Cabelas does not care about guide or outfitter quality in the hunts they sell, it is purely money and business for them.  The outfitter I was booked with had never outfitted on the peninsula of Alaska, and the guide was 22 years old and had never guided a brown bear hunt before.  That was what I got and deserved for not having the patience to wait the four years.  Hindsight being 20/20, I should have taken that as my punishment and left it at that.

Bottom line:  I made a mistake and have accepted responsibility for this by a very severe punishment.  A federal felony means that the only way to ever get your rights restored is by a pardon from the President of the U.S.  The Lacey Act was put into law in 1900 to punish commercial trading in fish and wildlife violations, not for killing a bear that my buddy could have easily been there to kill instead.  I'm not making excuses for my mistake and actions, but people need to realize that there is always two sides to every story. There are several errors that are slanderous in the statement above, and as wrong as I was to commit the crime, I should be allowed to defend statements that are made that are not completely accurate.  It's hard enough living with the mistake I made, but I will not let someone make me out to be a person who complained just because a bear wasn't the trophy I wanted, or that I claimed fraud as a reason not to pay for the hunt.  I should have never been there in the first place, but it was a poor quality hunt.