Florida Homeowner's Association Has Different Worry

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Usually homeowner's association's biggest worries are regarding kept lawns, yards, fees paid on time, etc., but the Vista Cove neighborhood in St. Augustine, Florida has an alligator to worry about. An alligator is living in the pond in the neighborhood.

Some residents have written to news stations stating that the alligator has been aggressive towards the children. Some children have teased the alligator, and it is an unsafe place to live with children. As the alligator moves about on the property, it could pose a huge threat to residents, their children and pets.

President of the HOA, Stephen Wood, says the alligator is not aggressive. It is in the pond and not bothering anyone, and that people should leave the alligator alone. The wildlife association said as long as its not aggressive, no action has to be taken. The HOA has decided to leave it alone at this time, but if it was to show aggression it will most likely be killed. From News4Jax.com.