Florida Gator Hunters Get More Daylight Hours

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted Wednesday to extend alligator hunting hours. Previously it was one hour before sundown to one hour after sun-up, now the official times are from 5 pm to 10 am during the hunting season, August 15th-November 1st.

Florida's estimated alligator population is around a million. There are almost 7000 permits issued, each permit good for two gators. The FWC ran surveys and looked at other states' hunts for the time parameters. 80% of survey takers wanted more hours of daylight for hunting.

Some hunters think that hunting in the daylight will make it safer, able to get their bearings better in the lighter hours as well. Anglers are not as pleased, saying some hunters are very respectful where some are more like outlaws and have no respect for other people in the water. From Asbury Park Press.


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This seems like a good decision to me.

This seems like a good decision to me.  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s decision to extend alligator hunting hours seems like a good call.  It should result in more alligators being legally harvested, and based on the permit numbers issued they are trying to reduce the alligator population by at least fourteen thousand alligators this year. It makes sense to me that the hunts will be safer in daylight.  There certainly should be fewer hunters lost in the dark or tangled in the swamps by running over deadfalls etc.  I would think it would be a boon to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officers too since they will now be able to check licenses and catches during daylight hours as hunters go out and come back in.  That has to make their jobs easier.  In addition, any hunters who prefer to hunt in full darkness with spot lights etcetera to aide their nocturnal efforts still have all the night hours to do so.  Let’s hope that hunters and fishermen can all get along.  It’s never a good thing when sportsmen compete against each other.  There should be room enough in Florida’s abundant waterways for everyone to pursue their sport.  Thanks for sharing the news.

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Wow that is a pretty good

Wow that is a pretty good rule change, that wil definetlym benefit the gator hunters,  Must be alot of them runnig arouind causing havoc!