Florida Gator Chomps Patrol Car

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A ten foot alligator took a serious bite out of a patrol car responding to a nuisance gator report. Ocala.com has a write up and video on the gator and its powerful bite. Apparently the responding officer needed to back up the vehicle in order to release the gator from the vehicle.

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Todd Kelly said Borrero was waiting for a licensed trapper under contract with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to remove the alligator when it took a bite out of the patrol car. “It may have come from Paynes Prairie — we really don’t know,” Kelly said, “but that seems like the most likely location.”


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makes me glad for the LITTLE things we have to worry about!


You are right Sean it makes me glad that the only things we have to worry about getting inside are mosquitoes and the occasional wayward bat.   

 I have to wonder though - Why the heck did the officer have his patrol car so close to a nuisance gator?  I guess whoever called in the report was right to do so.  That bad boy was looking for trouble and it is probably a good thing that he latched onto something automotive instead of something mammalian!  You would have a hard time backing out of the grip of a ten foot American Alligator if it had a hold of a living breathing and pain receiving part of you! 


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Usually, isn't the police who

Usually, isn't the police who 'take a bite out of crime", and not the other way around.... lol

Pretty funny.  There was one a couple of weeks ago about a lady finding a 6 footer inside her house.  Pretty scary to come home to that.

I guess if you live in that area, you will have that from time to time.