Florida Alligator Season Permits on Sale Now

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Alligator hunting permits are available now through June 13th from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Applicants must be 18 years of age by the start of the hunting season, August 15th. The permits costs $272 for residents, and $1022 for non-residents. Each permit is good for two alligators in a designated area. The season runs from August 15th through November 1st.

Additional permits will be made available later this month. Each additional permit is $62, regardless of residency, from Wpbf.com.


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With prices like that alligator hunting is akin to grizzly bear

With prices like that Florida alligator hunting is akin to Alaskan grizzly bear hunting.  You almost have to be a resident to do it.  It might just be worth officially changing your residence to Alaska for 6 months and Florida for six months to get both permits as resident hunters!  Alligators have made a remarkable comeback in the last fifty years so they are abundant.  So the game laws and limited permits for high prices seem to be work in the state of Florida.  Despite the cost, I wouldn’t mind trying alligator hunting someday. I think that a life sized full body alligator mount would be darned impressive in any trophy room. I would definitely make an effort to preserve the skull in a European mount style, and unless I win the lottery for my taxidermy bill, I might just opt to try to do the hide tanning taxidermy myself. I know that alligator hunting seems pretty tame and routine when it is done right, but just imagine if you are harassing a big alligator and happen to fall over board or  get your boat swamped in deep water and having a ten plus foot angry reptile  coming at you with hostile intent!  I wouldn’t put your odds of survival at above a fifty percent chance. They are the sort prehistoric reptilian predator that our ancestors have battled for centuries.  If there is a species that makes you feel like you might not be at the top of the food chain - I think it is the alligator.  

Congratulations to your brother-in-law for scoring a first season permit Gatorfan!  I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing all about the details of the hunt.  Take lots of pics, judging by these prices we won't be doing much gator hunting as non-residents any time soon so we have to enjoy the hunt through you and your brother in law this year!

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My brother-in-law scored a

My brother-in-law scored a first season permit!  Hopefully he'll get another big one!  I'll post pictures if so

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Hey Jim, you're alive!!!  

Hey Jim, you're alive!!! lol


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I've never been more alive! 

I've never been more alive!  Just not hanging out on the sites all the time

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Although my alligator hunt in

Although my alligator hunt in Florida was fun and exciting I know I would never pay that much money for a permit. It only costs that much for a public waters hunt and the tags are more limited anyway. Plus the methods of take are not as loose on this type of hunt. My gator was taken with a trappers agent permit for around 75 dollars even as a non resident and I was allowed to shoot it with a rifle after stalking it. This is not allowed with a regular permit. It's a cool hunt but sure not worth over a thousand dollars in my opinion.

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Holy crap, I never realized

Holy crap, I never realized how much a gator hunt costs!  I wouldn't do it either.

I think the only thing I will pay that much to hunt is for a White sands Oryx in New Mexico.  I like gator meat, very tasty, but that's a heck of a price to pay for a permit.