First Time Hunter Takes 350+ Nebraska Bull

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While Nebraska is not known for a large elk population, it does have a small quality elk hunt for those that are lucky enough to be drawn. For Becky McFarlane Nebraska's elk hunting proved to be the perfect location for her first elk hunt.

The Sioux City Journal has a good write up about Becky and the hunt. According to the article "I've been applying for a Nebraska elk permit for 13 years," Brian [Becky's husband] said. "Becky entered and won the first year." Becky was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just before the hunt. She began chemo therapy on Sept 24 and had just finished her third round of chemo. Her first radiation treatment was Oct. 1.

She's looking forward to a hunting trip in Africa later this year. Brian's old college roommate has a safari business in South Africa. Brian has been there four times and Becky twice.

While there is only one photo of the bull, it appears it could have been in the 370+ range if one of the eyeguards had not been broken.


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Well, I should hope to tell

Well, I should hope to tell you! That is a really nice bull for anyone - let alone a person who drew a tag on their very first try! Can you say, "Beginner's Luck"?

Man, an elk that big doesn't come along every day, and especially in Nebraska, from what I have read. I'm really glad for this lady who was in the process of fighting cancer and going through those very difficult chemotherapy treatments.

I work with a lot of senior citizens, and the good thing about chemotherapy is that in certain kinds of cancer, it is very effective at killing off the cancer cells. The bad thing about chemotherapy is that it also kills off many good blood cells at the same time. After a treatment, there are usually a few days (at least) of extreme fatigue and other complicating symptoms while the body works to replenish the good stuff that the chemo killed. Then there is a period of time that the patient feels better - until the next treatment. Then it starts all over again. It is a very difficult "up and down" ride as long as the treatments last.

Congratulations to this lady who was able to get out hunting and take this beautiful animal, even though she probably may not have felt very well at the time.


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What an accomplishment for

What an accomplishment for Becky!

That is a tremendous bull - no one is going to doubt that.

This would not affect the actual score (it is a beast, regardless of score) but I suspect a taxidermist couold repair the broken tine and make the rack symmetrical.

Getting drawn the first time out - after the hubby has applied 13 times - that is great for Becky and brutal for the hubby.

It does not sound like getting this bull was easy, though...

Three trips and then on the last one... the wet and cold will take it out of anyone.

Those are brutal conditions for any hunter and I do not mean this as an insult - but generally even tougher for females.

Add to this that during the hunt, she already knew about here diagnosis and that just makes it all the tougher...

Finally, figure in a 450 yard shoot and that is a stunning - and successful - hunt on a giant elk!

Great work, Becky, we are all proud of you!

We would, of course, wish Becky good will and Godspeed as she works toward recovery from the cancer.

Wonders - from a medical standpoint - can be found these days and we are praying for a total recovery.

Also - with an upcoming Africa trip - we wish her the best on that grand adventure.

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Maybe it was her first time

Maybe it was her first time elk hunting in NE. Regardless, what an awesome bull for any state...All that mass it has...tine length...beautiful bull.

It's amazing she could endore the rigors of the hunt. It will be a tough road ahead for her.

Congrats to her and Godspeed with her treatment. 

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I would guess that she was a

I would guess that she was a first time elk hunter.  And boy what an elk for the first time out.  It is a great bull and even though I don't know her personally, I am very happy for her.

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All I can say is wow! I have

All I can say is wow! I have two buddies that are working on my same degree that have family with property out in Nebraska. One of them sees elk almost every time he goes out there. When he told me that he has never seen a bull in Colorado that came close to the top three biggest bulls he has seen there, I did not believe him for a minute. I have just never witnessed those elk and Nebraska is just not one of those states that gets thrown in with the big contenders. Well I guess I was underestimating it. That girl got a monster! You guys are right though... it does not really sound like it was her first hunt like the title leads you to believe but that is still one heck of an accomplishment. 

I can not imagine hunting after going through chemo (or while you are going through it for that matter!). That is one tough gal. Congratulations to her for getting a great bull while battling that horrible disease. And she has got a hook up in Africa. That would be a good trip for the soul as well. 

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Good for her!

Good for her!  I've heard that going through chemo is an exhausting procedure in itself!  To be able to head out on a hunt, that requires a lot of walking up and down hills, that soon after her treatment is a story worth telling altogether!  To top it off with such a fine animal is just the icing on the cake!

I too would like to see another picture with different angle of that bull.  She said that it has ten points on one side and  six on the other but in the picture I only see eight and five.  Can you imagine what the bigger bull looked like?  Wow!!!

I agree CVC, the title is misleading.  I assumed that it was her first time hunting also.  It sounds like they are quite the established hunting couple with several good connections.  I’m pretty sure it can’t be that cheap to hunt on a ranch that holds that many big bulls in a state that has such limited hunting opportunities for bulls.


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350+ Bull Elk

Nice going Becky, congratualions, very nice bull.  Brian, I do believe this gives her bragging rites for a while.  Maybe she knows something she's not telling us like, as my dad always said, sometimes you just have to know how to hold your mouth right.  I would like to see a picture of the whole bull and a dress weight if possible.  Nebraska has always claimed to have had some record bulls, but I don't believe I have seen one like that in quite some time.  Thanks for sharing the photos.

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Yeah, you have to watch out

Yeah, you have to watch out for those quiet ones.  They tend to let their actions do the talking for them.  That bull is a nice bull for any state.  I like the length of its tines along with the mass it carries.  I think elk hunting would be fun, but I'll probably do a cow elk hunt since I have absolutely no place in the house for a rack that size.

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Holy Moly, that is an

Holy Moly, that is an incredible trophy elk!  Since I am looking at applying for jobs in Nebraska, I have followed the hunting there closely.  the elk herd is an up and coming thing, and they've taken some nice ones.  But, to take one of this caliber, and especially as her first, is special for sure.

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Man that is a good looking

Man that is a good looking bull.  Good for her.  The title is a bit misleading in that you'd think this is the first time she hunted, but since she has hunted in Africa twice I wouldn't refer to her as  first time hunter.  Maybe, first time elk hunter is a more accurate descriiption of her.  Anyway it is a great elk and comes at a time when she needs a bright spot in her life.