First Time Elk Hunter Bags Season's Largest

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William Zee was one of 18 to draw out an antlered elk tag in Pennsylvania. Just having the tag made him feel lucky. 38 tags were issued for antlerless elk and originally 18 were antlered, but one more was added later.

Typically a whitetail deer hunter, Zee decided to go the elk route this year and took both his rifle and bow out on this hunt. The bull elk was shot on November 1st in Goshen Township and weighed in at 930 lbs, where the second largest weighed 780.

This year, the largest elk was harvested by William Zee of Doylestown. The woodland beast had an estimated live weight of 930 pounds -- just shy of half a ton. Even better, it's 9x8 set of antlers is quite likely to come in as the second-largest non-typical elk rack on the state's record book when it is officially scored. That's a successful hunt. From and

NOTE: If anyone finds a photo of this elk online, post the link or let us know and we'll add to this post.


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What a way to start your elk

What a way to start your elk hunting career!  With only a small number of tags, it's great to see the size and quality of the elk so high.  Hope he feels lucky to have the experience!

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Congratulations to the guy in

Congratulations to the guy in the article and all the others also that got to hunt elk in Pennsylvania this year. That's a great succes story on the elk herd they have built up. Over 900 pounds would have to be the largest bull I have ever seen. A 9x8 non typical would be an awesome animal to take home. And this one looks like it will only take second place!! I see there is some criticism of these hunts but I don't go for it. They are wild free range animals that happen to be in a non traditional place with little hunitng pressure. Many other hunts and animals fall into the same category. Sounds like maybe some people just get a little jealous sometimes, I know I am for sure.

Congratulations again for the success in this hunt and all future hunts.

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I just love seeing stories

I just love seeing stories about the elk herd in Pennsylvania, and then to top it off with a great elk, killed by a first time hunter?  Wow, very nice!

Glad to see this guy shoot a monster like this.  I bet he does not mind giving up his whitetail hunt this year for that kind of animal.  Truly a great bull!!!

Congrats to the succesful hunter!

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More PA Success Rate Data


Here is some more success rate data I was able to find on the PA elk harvests...

According to Pennsylvania Game Commission statistics, between 2001 and 2009, close to 95% of all hunters with a bull elk tag harvested  an animal. 100% of hunters scored in three of those years - 2004, 2005 and 2008.  Only once in the past 10 years did fewer than 90% of bull hunters harvest an elk, that being in 2002, and even then the success rate was around 88%.

Just less than 75% of cow elk hunters harvested an animal between 2001 and 2009. The most successful year for hunters was 2001, when about 85% scored. The least successful years were 2003 and 2009, when success rates edged just over 60%.

Interesting facts on their success rates.  Draw your own conclusions.




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  Fantastic Harvest Mr.


Fantastic Harvest Mr. William Zee!  An outstanding feat for a first time elk hunter.  He may feel it is too easy now - ya right!!!

Of the several blogs found of this PA elk hunt there were several who commented on how "easy" the hunting if these elk are as they are often found lying on front lawns in the suburban areas before leaving back into the nearby woodland areas for safety.  More stated on the lack of a real hunt.  I compare their comments to maybe the elk in Estes Park.  However, from what I found of the PA elk hunt there are no fenced in areas and the elk are wild animals.  A 92% success rate may provide arguement otherwise.  Still - Kudos to PA for their successful management of their elk herds to allow 57 tags to be provided and a successful harvest of 53 animals.

I did find information on the scoring of this great animal - "It’s unofficial Boone & Crockett green score was 426 and five-eighths inches. If this score holds up after the required 60-day drying time, it would be ranked second on Pennsylvania’s Big Game Records for non-typical elk."  Here is the link to the article -

I also found many of the articles reflected Mr. McGinnis (the person winning the bid on the Elk Conservation Tag) actually harvested a 7X9 elk and not the 10X8 elk in the one article.  Regardless - each is a great bull elk!

I am still looking for a picture of this great elk that Mr. Zee harvested.