First Dove Season in Almost 100 Years For Iowa

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Iowa will have a dove season this year, the first since 1918. The season will run from September 1- November 9th. Hunters are allowed a daily limit of 15 birds.

Iowa Natural Resources Commission is banning the use of lead shot though, claiming it to be toxic for animals and the environment. Some hunters say that the "non-toxic" ammunition costs more, but the commission thinks the hunters will come around. A national ban on lead shot use in hunting waterfowl has been in place since 1991. From Radio Iowa.


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Great to see another place,

Great to see another place, Iowa, that can now enjoy some of the most fun, yet most frustrating hunting there is.  I know I can't get enough of dove hunting.

As you all have said, being an agricultural state, I am surprised that they have not had a season as of yet.  But, shouldn't take too long to catch on there.

Dove hunting is a great way to get children, or even adults who are beginners, into hunting.  It's increadibly fast paced, and a very social event.  It's not like deer or other big game hunting, which is very solitary most of the time.  Out here, opening day sunrise brings fields and fields of people, spread 50 yards apart, yelling, screaming, shooting. It's a blast (pun intended).  Not to mention the dirt roads lined with campers and tents.

Glad to see the people of Iowa will be able to experience this now without having to travel outside of state lines. As for the ban on lead shot, it's just a sign of the times.  As they say, as duck hunters, we've been doing it for 20 years now.  With the availability of steel shot, bismuth, etc., prices continue to fall the more the new type of shot is used.  Now, I find the price difference to be only a few bucks a box.

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I too am suprised with all

I too am suprised with all the crops that Iowa has to offer that they would not have enough doves there to hunt.  Glad to see that they will be able to chase the tatsy table fair around this year.  Good luck to all the hunters.

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I know Iowa has a lot of corn

I know Iowa has a lot of corn and I would assume wheat or grain as well. So it is surprising that it has been nearly 100 years since they could do a dove hunt. I have never hunted them myself but thought nearly every state had a season on them. I wonder why they have not hunted them sooner as with a limit of 15 per day it looks like they have more than enough to fund a pretty good season. The use of non toxic shot is not something that will go away so they might as well get used to that one. I remember the fits everyone had when it went into effect for waterfowl way back but htese days you hear almost nothing about it as all the younger guys din't know anything different. I knnow steel isn't the best stuff but there is some pretty reasonably priced stuff available now. The other non toxic loads are in fact way too expensive for a guy like me to burn  a few boxes on something like doves though.

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WOW you would think a state

WOW you would think a state that has so much farm land, that dove hunting would have been around for ever.  I have hunted with non-toxic shot before and it can be hard to hit doves.  I guess we can call it a start.