First 2011 BigGameHunt Grand Slam Challenge Starts on February 1st

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The points are back! Starting on Tuesday we will be holding our first Grand Slam Challenge of 2011. Official Rules and Contest Prizes are posted and available for review. For February, the new Sponsor is KIWI Camp Dry Products, they kicked in some of their performance water repellents along with some Badlands Pursuit packs. Thanks for the support KIWI! We rounded out the rest of the prizes ourselves, check them out!

The scoring and point system is similar to what we have done in the past, although there are a few changes so be sure to check out the rules. If you're new to the contest, please be sure to read the following or ask questions on this forum thread.

Information to help get started with contributing your photos and stories to BGH!

Tips and Story submission guidelines:

Going forward we are planning several more rounds in the future, and details are still being worked out. Stay tuned and good luck!


numbnutz's picture

The madness is back, and so

The madness is back, and so is everyone on the forum, thanks again for the great site and great contest. i just wish some of these people would contribute even if there was not contest. hopefully we can get them to stick around after its all said and done, good luck to everyone.

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Let the games begin!

And thank you BigGameHUnt for the chance to enter!

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It's back, and we thank you

It's back, and we thank you very much for it!!! Wink