The Fight for Knife Rights

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While guns are the primary focus of the right to bear arms, there has been a smaller but potent movement to increase knife bearing rights in certain states. At first it may seem that knife rights are irrelevant, but investigating your local and state revised statues and codes is likely to find more than a few laws banning various knife types and blade lengths.

The New York Times (Registration may be required to view) has a respectable article posted about the knife right movement.

Arizona used to be a knife carrier’s nightmare, with a patchwork of local laws that forced those inclined to strap Buck knives or other sharp objects to their belts to tread carefully as they moved from Phoenix (no knives except pocketknives) to Tempe (no knives at all) to Tucson (no knives on library grounds). But that changed earlier this year when Arizona made its Legislature the sole arbiter of knife regulations. Arizona’s transformation, and the recent lifting of a ban on switchblades, stilettos, dirks and daggers in New Hampshire, has given new life to the knife rights lobby, the little-known cousin of the more politically potent gun rights movement.


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If they ban folding knives then compact fixed blades will be the way to go.  In addition to being more reliable, stronger, and sturdier, they are always ready for action once withdrawn from the sheath.  When they ban those fixed blades, then we'll be forced to carry the original battlefield weapons - the axe, hatchet, or hammer.  That's okay with me.  I've actually field dressed an elk using only the razor sharp blade of a sportsmans hatchet before, it's not nearly as difficult as it may sound.  Besides, a hatchet will do everything  a good hunting knife will do, but with the advantage of being a better more effiecient weapon for protection. =-)

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All of the same logic that

All of the same logic that comes from the pro side of the gun debate can be applied to the knife debate. How in the world does restricting the length of a blade that a LAW ABIDING citizen can carry have any beneficial affect on crime rates and safety?

Here is a link to an article on the attempted expansion of a knife ban to all knives that can be opened with one hand.

That is total crap. Almost any knife can be opened with one hand with enough practice and so are they looking to ban all folding knives? I think a lot of people would agree that it sure looks like a probable motive. From what I gather, folding knives "that can be opened with one hand" will be added to the switchblade knife act of 1958. Screw this. The Obama administration is insane.

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The media

Here is a link to an article that is a perfect example of the media spewing Moral Panic without the facts used in perspective and villifying knives.  The worst part is the author villifiying the Marine who used a knife to defend himself from a mugging, his 2.5 inch blade apparently caused too much damage to the attacker. I also like what it says in the 8th paragraph down that talks about switchblases in the 1950's and law makers knowning nothing about facts.

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other states

Oregon had secretly snuck in and passed a similar law where they had banned folding knives for sale, manufacture, and carry.  It never occured to the law makers who passed that bill that Oregon was home to such companies like Benchmade, Gerber, Leatherman, etc, ect, not to mension the countless sportaman who live and play in Oregon.  Needless to say that statute was only on the books and in effect for less than one month before it was quickly overturned.  Sometimes we have people sneeking in legislation under the radar and it gets passed.  Most of these people never stop to think what they are really doing.  A perfect example is like when Obama made the Federal Register unlawful for a couple months when he first came to office.  He was trying to block some of Bush's final legislations from taking place by doing this.  Well the Federal Register publishes and revises a lot of critical and very important rules that all types of industries use, including the aviation industry.  There was a couple months there in early 2009 where the Federal Register could not be legally used as a source or documentation.  Now, that has nothing to do with knives, but it is an example of how rediculous government is.  It put a lot of industries at a stand still.  Like I said before, the government does not know what's best for the people. 

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I think we discussed this

I think we discussed this exact issue a few months ago.  Someone had brought up the fact that Hawaii had banned alot of the knives that are collapsible and such.  They were wondering if that would affect the hunting knife market.

I too believe that the 2nd ammendment would pertain to knives also. 

Total Agreement

Go figure.  It amazes me on what people freak out about, un-american

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over reaction

Moral panic is the reason we need groups like these defending our right to keep and use useful tools like knives.  People in todays society are too overreactive. America today overreacts to everything instead of coming up with logical sound measures for public safety.  First thing people want to do is ban everything because a small minority of people mishandled a certain impliment or tool or because someone decided that common sense wasn't needed when handling a certain object. To make it worse, we live in a society today where we need to stamp warning lables onto everything including blades and other sharp objects because evidently people toay are not quite clued in enough to know that blades are sharp and need to be handled with care.  Makes me wonder where we're headed as a society. 

To this day I'm still confused as to why swithblades or automatic knives are deemed dangerous and are illegal for lawful civilians to own and carry.  Even the guys in law enforcement I've spoken to about this matter are equally confused, one such officer stating that he's really not sure why only lawman or members of the military can legally use and carry switchblades, but lawful civilians can't.  When you consider that there are flipper knives and thumb stud opening knives on the market that can be deployed much faster in speed than most switchblades or automatic knives, yet those flippers and studded folding knives are perfectly legal in most areas.  Makes you wonder how rediculous these laws are.  Further proof that the government does not know what's best for the people or public safety.  Proof that they really don't see switchblades as any more dangerous in the wrong hands as other tools.  All they care about is control.  We allow this to continue and one day our right to own common tools like a hammer, an axe, a saw, a prybar, or a pair of pliers will be restricted.

Cool Points For theses State

Glad to see every state is not tucking its tale and running towards the new softer more sensitive United States.  I amazed on how far we have come over the years.  We were the foundation of freedom an democracy. Remember we became a new nation because certain people stood against a  tyrannical government who tried control everything you could do, say, speak, read or believe.  Im confused by how we make more laws to allows us to be more free.  We all know what happens when you try to please everyone by force, common sense answer right?  So why do we make laws doing just that?  Well lets make a law prohibiting this certain thing or that tradition because a small portion of the population doesnt like it, and we do not want to hurt their feelings.  Do we have any leadership that actually represents the people and not the loud lobby machine?  What happend to our values and traditions we were founded upon?  Who speaks for the people?