Fenced Hunting - First Bill Killed in Indiana

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Indiana Rep. Matt Ubelhor, R-Linton, brought to the table House Bill 1265. The bill was designed to allow fenced hunting for deer, and provide hunters willing to pay thousands of dollars deer that have been bred for larger antlers. Ubelhor supported it saying the economic impact would be greater than any cons the bill would bring.

Other lawmakers did not feel the same way, as this Bill 1265 was one of the first bills presented to be killed. "It is dead. I think it's a terrible bill," Senate President Pro Tem David Long said. "First of all, it's not real hunting. It fences in these animals. It's not open. Almost every real hunter I talk to thinks it's a terrible idea. They don't support it."

Indiana already has some preserves that breed deer for larger antlers for hunting and they will be protected under grandfather laws. From Evansville Courier and Press.


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Hurrah for the Indiana

Hurrah for the Indiana legislature and hunters! These canned hunt facilities are the worst thing that could happen to hunting because the are NOT hunting and any idiot can recognize that. Several years ago the state of Montana made these things illegal, and nobody misses them.