Felony Poaching Arrest After Facebook Posts

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Darin Lee Waldo, of Davenport likes to go hunting with his friends, and like most hunters shares some pictures and stories. Waldo chose to do this on Facebook. However Waldo is a convicted felon, making it illegal for him to possess a firearm. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's (FWC) Internet Crimes Unit were able to use Waldo's own posts against him. When they befriended him he invited them on his illegal hunting ventures, and exchanged hunting pictures of the poached animals.

Waldo and other suspects hid small boats and guns in the wooded area, to access Lake Marion Creek Wildlife Management Area without interference. This enabled them to trespass and take turkeys and deer out of season.

Charges against Waldo are: third-degree felony charges include four counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and three counts of armed trespass. His second-degree misdemeanor charges include two counts of attempting to take wild turkey during closed season and one count each of attempting to take deer during closed season, unlawful hunting on Lake Marion Creek WMA, unlawful possession of a firearm on Lake Marion Creek WMA and unlawful entry into Lake Marion Creek WMA, from Myfwc.com.


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Glad they got him.

I'M GLAD THAT Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission caught this poacher.  The only excuse fopr poaching in my opinion is as a relief from starvation.  If you need to kill game to feed your family it is wrong but I can understand it.  Poaching for trophy hunting is just not something that I understand or can in any way approve of. He deserves both a fine and a jail term because he's are doing more than shooting game out of season, he's stealing that trophy and the meat from the table and freezer of every legal hunter and their families including their children.  This is just unacceptable on every front.   

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Looks like another story for

Looks like another story for the stupid criminal lineup. It seems some guys never learn fron all the other guys that have gotten busted for things like this and just don't believe they will ever get caught. They just have to tell their story till the right guy is listening or in this case watching to take them down.

Good job to the state of Florida for paying attention and catching these poachers. I hope the penalty will be severe enough to discourage others from doing similar wildlife related crimes. I doubt it but you can always keep hoping.