Federal Judge Rules for Wyoming in Wolf Case

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The last couple of weeks have seen a lot of wolf management related news and here is another interesting note in the wolf wars. Federal Judge Alan Johnson decided for Wyoming in the lawsuit brought by the state against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Specifically Wyoming sued the FWS for refusing to allow the state to regulate wolves outside of Yellowstone.

The Casper Star-Tribune is running a piece on the Judges findings. ... U.S. District Judge Alan Johnson didn't require the FWS to accept Wyoming's plan. However, he stated that the FWS' insistence that Wyoming list wolves as a trophy games species throughout the entire state was "arbitrary and capricious" and should be set aside.


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This is a win... but not a

This is a win... but not a very big one. In my own opinion I think that Wyoming does need to do a little bit of revision to its plan (they need to take a look at Montana and Idaho's plans). But that does not mean that their wolf population is not recovered. It most definitely is and that state should be managing its wolf population in the near future. That is how this country is supposed to operate and therefore Wyoming needs to brush up their plan and the federal government needs to give up control of wolf management. I wish this ruling had more teeth but it does not. It is good to atleast get a ruling that has some kind of favorable wordage though. And I can not remember who brought it up but I would absolutely consider wolves a resource of the perspective state that they reside in.

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I am not very knowledgable

I am not very knowledgable about the wolf management plans so I am curious about what parts of WY's plan is deficient and how it should be improved.  Thanks in advance for the info.  I enjoying getting the insight into some of these things not reported by the press by members in the know.

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A federal judge who knows how

A federal judge who knows how to think with any luck it will become contagious. All states should have the freedom to manage their own rersources, that is if you can call a wolf a resource.

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That's great news for Wyoming

That's great news for Wyoming and all the other surrounding states, namely Idaho and Montana.  I am sure that the Feds and some animal rights groups will appeal this further up the ladder, but it may take a decision by the Supreme Court to finally put this issue to rest.  Lets hope that it goes in our favor.

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Here is a link to the story

Here is a link to the story for more information.  http://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/article_805da554-f358-11df-9afa-001cc4c03286.html

This is certainly good news for WY and the other states with wolf populations, but it is by no means the end of the story.  The full article points out that it is likely that litigation will continue so the victory for WY is, at least for the moment, short term.

I certainly side with WY, not only because I am a hunter, but because i believe states should be able to regulate their wildlife.  This is a state's right issue first and a wildlife management issue second.

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CVC, ah, that is the same

CVC, ah, that is the same link provided up top, you didn't see it.

I agree it's probably a short-term victory. This debate will linger for years to come.

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No, I didn't see it.  I went

No, I didn't see it.  I went back up and still don't see it.  Odd you can see it but I can't.

Okay, I went back one more time and found it.  It just didn't stand out on my screen until I scrolled over it and even then it was not very visible.

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Run your mouse over the words

Run your mouse over the words "Casper Star Tribune".  It's hyperlinked to the same link you posted. Wink

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 I wrote hours ago that I

 I wrote hours ago that I found it.  It was just hard for me to see.

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Sorry CVC, I couldn't see

Sorry CVC, I couldn't see that.  It's weird, but it does not seem like I am having all the posts load on my screen.  Maybe I am just seeing things..... Ugh.

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No problem - I couldn't see

No problem - I couldn't see the link earlier so we're even.