Fearless 10 Year Old Brings Home Alligator

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Michael Dasher, 10 years old, of Brevard County Florida was fishing in a canal with some of his friends. He felt something on his line, thought he had hooked a big fish, the line snapped. Until he saw the face, Michael thought it was just a big fish, but it was an alligator. The alligator ran at Michael so he hit it with sticks, jumped on its back and wrestled it home. Benjie Cox, Michael's grandfather called the Brevard County Sheriff's Office and wildlife officials when he saw what Michael had drug home.

Cox then gave Michael a stern talking to, which the police did as well, telling him if he was older he would be charged with a felony and hauled off to jail. Michael said next time he will just run from alligators. This 5'9" gator was taken and released into St. John's River. Michael sustained minor scratches on his hands and arms, but gained a memory of a lifetime, from News4Jax.com.


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i'm not sure how illegally

i'm not sure how illegally taking an alligator is a felony?

but that is a doozy! that 10 year old kid isn't 5'9"! and an alligator that size has the ability to kill a boy that size. it's an amazing story to read and shows that there still are some butch little boys out there.

things i like about the story: a ten yeard old boy was fishing by himself, the boy hit the gator with sticks, and the boy drug it home... all those would have been exactly what i was doing at that age. as a father, i am understanding the necessity of letting your boy spread his wings and be a little boy. i take my boy to the river i bowfish and he plays with snail shells, sticks, dirt and generally just gets dirty, and that's healthy for a boy to want to do that stuff.

it's clear to me that maybe these parents are raising the little boy in the story right. he had a problem, and he solved it on his own. he didn't have to ask a grown up, he wasn't sitting on his bum playing video games. this is the kind of boy that grows up to make a good foreman and then a super-intendant. cuz, that's what i call taking initiative!!!

the only thing that would have made the story better is if the boy could have gotten a tag for the alligator! it was his trophy, he deserves to keep it.

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Well this is a heck of a

Well this is a heck of a story and noe that the danger is over I'm sure that his family will be telling it over and over with enthusiasm. This will be one the boy himself will be talking about for the rest of his life. A less than 6 foot alligator does not sound all that large but they can be a very dangerous reptile. If it had been able to clamp down on the boy in any way the outcome and story being told would be much different. This is a case of youthfull foolishness taking over and good luck pulling him through. If this had been an adult there would usually be alcohol involved I'm sure.

At least he learned his lesson and everything worked out for the best.