Fawns Not Really Abandoned

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation commission has been receiving many calls from concerned citizens with reports of abandoned fawns. However in the majority of these situations the mother deer has just gone off to forage and knows exactly where the fawn is. Fawns when born can not keep up with the mother, so she will take off and get her sustenance, then come back and take care of the fawn. It is best to leave the fawns alone, not just in Florida but in all states. From The Gainesville Sun.


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This is a problem that turns

This is a problem that turns up in every state. Even though people mean well they end up causing a much bigger problem than they could ever realize. Many times there are reports of people picking them up and bringing them in in an attempt to save them when they didn't need saving at all. Hopefully a little education in the news will help people to see this is not the right thing to do.