Father's Day Special: Record Halibut With Rod & Reel

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Father's Day was special for Ronnie (father) and Chad Aldridge on Chad's 24 foot boat, taking part in the season long Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby. They were at their first morning stop and Chad was reeling in so they could move to another location. His line stopped moving, then he felt the line move, he set it. Since the group had only a single gaff, and because giant halibut improperly subdued have been known to smash the insides of boats and injure anglers, a radio plea for assistance was made. Chad's uncle, who had been fishing nearby, arrived with another gaff and a harpoon.

Another 45 minutes passed before the fish was subdued enough to bring aboard. It took 3 men to haul the record fish aboard. The halibut weighed in at 350.8 lbs, and measured 96". The catch put Chad into first place of the derby and is the sixth heaviest halibut in the 25 year history of the derby. From GrindTV.com.


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Wow that is truly a huge fish

Wow that is truly a huge fish and great eating also.  Congrats to Chad and all who took part to help him land the fish.  I wonder if they will have more gaffs nexts time??