Father and Son Charged in Massachusetts Bear Killing

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Back in September 2011 we reported about a Massachusetts man who had his black bear confiscated by the Environmental Police, due to suspicions that the bear was taken illegally. At that time Mark Burdzy Jr and Sr were both adamant that the bear was taken legally. 

Now several months later after an extensive investigation by the state and federal Environmental Police, that included DNA testing of the confiscated bear and a gutpile, both men are being charged with illegally killing the black bear. Mr. Burdzy Jr., 29, a correction officer, is charged with illegally hunting a bear with a dog or by baiting, altering or forging a license, violating fish and game laws by unlawfully killing and possessing a bear, conspiring to provide false information during an investigation and witness intimidation. Mr. Burdzy Sr., 52, is facing the same charges except for altering or forging a license.

During the investigation officers found several unsecured firearms, including the rifle used to kill the bear. Several firearms were confiscated as evidence, along with game cameras, camera memory cards, tree stands and several photos of the bait site. The two men will be arraigned on February 27, 2012. From Telegram.com.