Family of Missing Elderly Couple Turns to Hunters for Help

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Hunters trek out into areas where others do not. They venture into areas that are often undisturbed by humans, sometimes for years. That is what the family of Lyle and Marie McCann are hoping for. Lyle and Marie McCann were last seen last July as they filled their motor-home with fuel. Their motor-home was found engulfed in flames at Minnow Lake campground, about 200 km (124.27 miles) east of Edmonton, Alberta. Lyle and Marie were never found.

This year with every hunting license a leaflet has been included with information about the McCanns, and asks the hunters for help. A billboard with photos and information asks hunters to keep an eye out as well. Their son Bret just wants his parents' information to be fresh in hunters and hikers' minds as they head out. Asking them to report anything suspicious that they may see while they are out in the wilderness. "This could be crucial in solving this mystery,"Bret McCann said. From


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I agree with everyone else

I agree with everyone else here in that this is a very sad situation and it appears that something far out of the ordinary has happened. Hopefully with everyone out there this time of year someone will find something to to aid in finding out what happened so the family will not be wondering forever.

It's sad the things that can happen anymore and that you always have to be prepared for the worst when just trying to enjoy yourself.

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it's better that there be

it's better that there be some closure for the family, but there are alots of questions that need to be answered about this case.

you can run into all sorts of bad people ou tthere, they could have picked up a hitchiker, they could have been raped and murdered by a mother raper/father raper, it's horrible to think about , but every time WE go out into the woods, we could meet any one of the mooks out there trying to bury or burn a body.

that's why it's really important for us to stay vigilant.

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It is very un fortunate that

It is very un fortunate that something like this happens. I could not imagine losing loved ones this way and not having any closure or answers.

I would hope that all the hunters in this area would agree to report or investigate any suspicios looking objects, I guess you would not want to investigate but just get close enough to see what it was before reporting anything.

I give my sympathy to the family and friends of this couple and hope they get some closure and answers soon.

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Wow, that can't be good. 

Wow, that can't be good.  Engulfed in flames, and no bodies or anything to be found?  Gotta think there was foul play there.  You can hope for the best, in that maybe they set it up like there was foul play, and disappeared, maybe due to financial or other problems.  However, considering they found the SUV further down the road, makes it look more and more like they ran into someone very bad.

It's a very good idea to ask the hunters for help.  I believe there was an article just a week or 2 ago about someone else doing that down here in the United States, maybe Colorado.  Granted, given the extremely large area, it would be like finding a needle in a pile of needles, so to speak.

Good luck to the family.  Even though it's most likely a sad scenario, closure is always the best thing.

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Very tragic! My thaughts and

Very tragic! My thaughts and prayers go out to the family. I hope someone can find theses people so the family can have some closure. With all the hunters and outdoors man and woman out there in the woods annualy there bound to show up eventualy. I'm pretty sure with how long they have been missing theres no chance of survival. but the family deserves some closure.

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  This is extremely sad and I


This is extremely sad and I feel for the surviving family.  To not have closure on lost loved ones just seems that it would continue to be on the mind and final peace for those lost would not be complete.  I hope something can be found and closure provided to the family.  The full article provides that their ATV was found 223 miles east in the opposite direction. 

The great thing is now using hunters to assist in possibly finding some material evidence or possibly finding a skeleton of one or both.  With the massive amount of hunters in the woods it only makes sense to inform and ask these people to keep an eye out for anything that appears out of place while hunting.  This happens to be a great idea in utilizing this valuable army of feet on the ground resource.

I recently received an e-mail from the Colorado Parks informing of a middle-aged man/hiker from Chicago, James Nelson, missing from the Holy Cross Wilderness Area in Colorado.  Mr. Nelson has been missing since October 3, 2010.  The e-mail basically asked hunters to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary if you are hunting in that area.  While this is not a flyer handed out to every single hunter at the time of license purchase this is still a very good methode of getting some information out to the hunting public.  I hate to see the need for this but using hunters to assist I think is a very valuable resource.